Woman’s Society Meeting June 18, 2012

By Angie Reed
Fourteen women met at Linda Muller’s home for this month’s meeting. Devotions and the program were led
by Jo-an Jacobus, who read Psalm 47 and presented a program on “Stillness in the 21st Century.” She discussed
how difficult it is to find stillness in this world where we are bombarded with visual, auditory, and internal
stimuli, and gave us examples on ways to achieve stillness and examples where the program’s writer and Jo-an
had found this. After a moment of silence, attendees also discussed how centering into silence affects them.
In business, it is estimated that $1,600 was raised at this year’s Yard Sale. Our treasurer, Margaret
Wentworth was unable to attend this meeting, so accurate accounts will be available next month. We discussed
how to spend this money, including plans to continue to support the “Adopt-A-Nurse Program.” We also
discussed supporting Eden Grace for her ministry as it is severely lacking funding at this time. Prayers were
also requested for Eden Grace. It was also discussed that we need to continue to pray for our fellow Woman’s
Society Members, especially Bee Douglas, Edie Whitehead and Muriel Marston (among others… I apologize if
I’ve forgotten anyone). We discussed how the Yard Sale went this year and tabled additional discussion to
another month. A suggestion was made to change the way we do our Christmas Gift Box ministry and it was
decided to use Christmas Stockings instead of shoe-boxes this year. It was suggested that we change the type of
items in the boxes to be more practical and also gift-wrap each individual item. A committee of two (so far)
was set up to shop for these boxes throughout the year. If anyone in the greater Meeting has any thoughts on
this Christmas Box ministry or has been a recipient of one and would like to give us feedback on their
experience, it would be helpful to assist us to make changes as appropriate to this Meeting Community.
The Tedford Meal for June was Sliced Ham and Turkey, Potato Salad, a Big Green Salad, and various
We made plans for the refreshments before the upcoming Memorial Service for Stuart Muench and the
serving of refreshments after the service. The Woman’s Society hopes that their offerings of help have been
comforting during times like these.
The Woman’s Society Annual Eat Out will be Monday, Aug. 20, at 6 p.m. at the Fair Ground Café in
Topsham Fair Mall. All are invited; please join us!
Dorothy Curtis ended the meeting with a poem from her favorite cookbook. We then enjoyed refreshments
of rhubarb cake, cookies, and watermelon provided with grace by Linda Muller. Our next meeting will be July
16 at 7 p.m. See you all there!