News of ‘Young’ Friends

Children’s Day Breakfast June 3

The youth will be preparing breakfast beginning
at 8 a.m. Breakfast should be ready by 9:30 a.m.
Please come and enjoy!
Children’s Day – June 3
Sunday, June 3, is Children’s Day, the end of the
Sunday School year. The youth will have the
Care of Meeting. Please come and give an ear to
our young friends.
Durham Meeting of Friends Graduates
A number of (F)friends at Durham are graduating
this year. Mitch Newlin, Jessica Sheldon, Reeve
Wood, Katherine Perkins, Robbie Civiletti and Erik Brooks all
have graduated or will soon be graduating.
Congratulations! We wish each of you all the
Family-friendly Campout
On June 9 -10 at Betsy Muench’s family camp on the ocean in Georgetown there will be a family-friendly
campout. All are invited for some or all of the time. Please contact Wendy Schlotterbeck at 777.1980 if you
are able to come, long or short. Once you get here you won’t want to leave! (Yes, this is still going on.)
Children’s Day Special Offering
By Clarabel Marstaller
On Children’s Day, Sunday, June 3, children and youth will be in charge of Meeting for Worship. There will
be a second offering at that time to go to the Children and Youth Project of the United Society of Friends
Women International [USFWI]. USFWI hopes to raise $7,000 this year to go to three programs: 1. Children
and Youth programs of three centers under the Associated Committee of Friends on Indian Affairs [ACFIA].
Responsibility for the Indian centers which had been under the care of ACFIA has been taken over by Yearly
Meetings, but need help at three of the Centers (Mowa Choctaw in Alabama, Mesquakie in Iowa, and Kickapoo
in Oklahoma) for children and youth programs. 2. The Amari Play Center in Ramallah (West Bank). The
Ramallah Friends Meeting and School have supplied leadership in the Play Center for refugee children who live
in a refugee camp in Ramallah. These four-year-old children depend on the Center to provide one good meal a
day and a start on their education. 3. Expectation is to keep ten girls in school for a year, since many girls drop
out of school before finishing primary school to help at home to do chores, carry water, etc.
Durham Meeting has an opportunity to help these three programs by contributing on Children’s Day. Thank You!