Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends

November 17, 2013
Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends convened in worship on Sunday, November 17, 2013, at 12:40 p.m. with 13 people present. Clerk Sarah Sprogell read from the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Faith and Practice (page 102): “Group Worship Differs from Private Devotion — Those who persevere in group worship know that is differs from private devotion, as the music of an orchestra differs from the music of a single player.”
1.) Susan Rice brought a preliminary budget for 2014 as prepared by Finance Committee. This draft raises a number of questions, which we will continue to discuss in December. At this time we look toward adopting the 12-month interim pastor budget option, with the understanding that it will be modified when we come to clarity on the permanent arrangement. It was suggested that we separate out the annual appeal from monthly contributions in our income projections.
2.) Betsy Muench reported that the Finance Committee brings the question “What percentage of full-time ministry can we afford given the past three years’ history of our income flows?” 3.) Sarah Sprogell is talking with potential members for the pastoral search committee, but the committee has not been filled yet. Names will be brought to the December meeting.
Friends have suggested that before we begin the search process that we take time to discern what we hope for the future of the meeting, for a new minister, where we see ourselves going as a meeting, what kind of financial remuneration can we offer, and other questions. This is a moment of opportunity for the meeting as a whole to help guide us forward with our visions and dreams. It was decided that we ask Ministry and Counsel to formulate a process and shepherd us through this discernment.
4.) Nancy Marstaller reported for Ministry and Counsel.
a. A new telephone tree is available.
b. Isaac Wood has requested to be removed as a junior member
5.) It was approved that Isaac Wood be removed as a junior member.
6.) Daphne Clement gave her pastoral report. (Her move from the parsonage to her new home in Brunswick is complete.) Everyone she has been visiting is doing well.
7.) David Marstaller reported for Trustees.
a. The loggers plan to be finished in the woods by the end of November.
b. One of the abutters to the Lunt Road property is very interested in purchasing the land.
Negotiations are in process for a sale of the land for $31,500.
8.) The meeting approved the recommendation made by Christian Education Committee that the Christmas Program be held in the evening of Sunday, December 22, with a pot-luck (time to be decided). It was further approved that the offering taken at the Program be given to Ramallah Friends School. Monday, December 23, will be the storm date.
9.) Edwin Hinshaw made a preliminary report for Nominating Committee.
10.) The appointment of David Marstaller to the Nominating Committee to begin in 2014 was approved.
11.) Clarabel Marstaller reported that Durham Meeting’s three representatives to Quarterly Meeting were in attendance there. A more complete report will be in the newsletter.
12.) The minutes of Monthly Meeting were approved during the meeting.
The meeting adjourned in the Spirit at 2:45 p.m.
— Susan Rice, Recording Clerk