Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends July 17, 2016


Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends convened in worship on Sunday, July 17, 2016 with 15 people present. Clerk Sarah Sprogell brought us into the spirit of worship with remembrance of those who have recently lost their lives to violence, by reading from Pres. Obama’s recent speech in Dallas, quoting from Paul’s letter to the Romans, ‘Hope is God’s love poured out in our hearts,” and from Ezekiel, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you I will remove your heart of stone and give you an open heart.”


  1. Wendy Schlotterbeck brought a request to join other faith communities in signing a letter to the Maine Public Utilities Commission in support of continuing net metering for solar energy. This letter, created by Anne D. Burt of Midcoast Meeting and others, encourages the PUC to preserve net metering until the state legislature can approve a bill that further develops solar energy for Maine.


  1. The request to be a signatory on the petition to the Maine Public Utilities Commission was approved.


  1. Ron Turcotte brought the report for Ministry and Counsel. They have noted that the Meeting website is far behind. Wendy Schlotterbeck is doing an update for the time being and then will be handing it over to Katherine Langelier. They will develop guidelines for what gets posted onto the site.


  1. Doug Gwyn is continuing to arrange for speakers:

August 7 Doug Bennett

August 21 Nancy Marstaller


  1. a) He is getting things ready for his six-week absence in September and October, especially in regard to the pastor care team. He is also working with Joyce Gibson on further developing our communications for prayer needs. Joyce will work with Martha Sheldon to make sure prayer requests go through the telephone tree as well as email.
  2. b) Doug is working with a group of Meeting members about the possibility of having a banner to hang on the outside of the building. Inspired by the UCC banners in Brunswick, the banner group sees that we might have a rotation of banners with short messages like the Quaker testimonies written on them. The group wants to convey that we are alive and vital and welcoming of new people. They will season this idea more before bringing a final recommendation.
  3. c) Doug is working on an exhibit on the Meeting for NEYM sessions.


  1. Tess Hartford reported for Christian Education. They are working on the evaluation of Wendy Schlotterbeck as Youth Minister and considerations for her continuing contract.


  1. Sukie Rice reported for Finance committee. The mid-year January-June finance report shows that our Income for the first 6 months was $24,085 (or 40% of our budget) and the expenditures were $30,787 (or 49% of the budget) for the same period. That means we are currently running at a deficit of $6702 for 2016.


  1. Sukie Rice reported for the Fundraising Committee. The Mid-year appeal will be going out in August with a focus on reducing the deficit and encouraging increased weekly contributions.


  1. Margaret Wentworth reported for Trustees.
  2. a) They are working on a plan for mowing the cemeteries so that the grounds will be well maintained but not over-expend their funds.
  3. b) It has been decided that, for the integrity of the building, the large green metal roof of the meetinghouse does need to be replaced due to rust development. However, we do not need to go into structural supports for the roof. They are still seeking a couple of other estimates before making a decision on the contractor for the job.
  4. c) At the open Trustees meeting in June, there was a strong feeling that putting solar on the roof is a moral imperative. There is strong interest in a heat pump for the community room (vestry). A meeting subcommittee on solar has met with two solar providers and is currently looking at the new silver roof over the addition ell. It gets the same amount of sun that the large green roof gets (82% efficiency) and needs no support work for a solar array. Further bids for solar will be requested.
  5. d) The new flooring has been completed, is curing and looks beautiful. Trustees wishes to put felt on the bottom of the benches to protect the new floor.


  1. It was approved that there be an open Trustees meeting when the solar subcommittee gets all the information it needs to bring a proposal to the meeting. That proposal would include both the costs for a solar array and how we would pay for it.


  1. Ministry and Counsel and Monthly Meeting for Business will not be held in August unless something comes up that necessitates such meetings.


  1. It was approved that Christian Education will decide on the date and plans for Rally Day.


  1. The minutes of Monthly Meeting were approved during the meeting.

The meeting adjourned in the Spirit at 2:20.

Sukie Rice, Recording Clerk