Racism, Privilege and Quakers

Upcoming Programs at Portland Friends Meeting  1837 Forest Avenue, Portland

An Open-Hearted Inquiry into Racial Identity  Sunday 1/14/18; 12:30-2:00

Facilitators:          Julie de Sherbinin (Portland) and Susan Davies (Vassalboro)

Format:    Interactive workshop for everyone; bring your lunch if you wish

Description:         This workshop offers an entry point into the conversation about racial identity for all Friends, wherever we may be on the journey toward increased awareness, action and racial healing. Julie de Sherbinin and Susan Davies have co-led a number of sessions on inquiry into racial identity in Maine. Both are members of NEYM Permanent Board’s ad hoc Work Group Challenging White Supremacy.

Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity   Sunday 1/21/18; 12:30-2:00

Facilitators:          Julie de Sherbinin

Format:                Film Clips & Discussion; bring your lunch if you wish

Description:         Shakhti Butler’s film delves into the internal components and external relationships that perpetuate the system of racial inequity. We will watch pre-selected clips and focus discussion on responses to the issues posed therein. “Cracking the Codes” is designed for dialogue and is being used at meetings around New England as a catalyst for conversation.

Voices of Color/Color Of Change   Sunday 2/11/18; 12:30-2:00

Facilitators:          Julie de Sherbinin & Dorothy Grannell

Format:     Discussion of selected text & film clips; bring your lunch if you wish

Description:         Further exposure to the heartbreak of racism and the ways it shows up in Quaker communities.  Getting comfortable with the words “white supremacy.” Readings will come from “Black Quakers”; October 2014 volume of Friends Journal (the articles are available online at Friends Journal and some copies may be available in the library)

White Fragility and Dismantling Racism  Sunday 2/25/18; 12:30-2:00

Facilitators:          Julie de Sherbinin, Melissa Brown & Maggie Nelson (Portland)

Format:     Readings/small group sharing/discussion; bring lunch if you wish

Description:         Moving from learning to action ideas on advocating for racial    justice. What holds us back? Where do we start? How do we discern future action?

Privilege Walk  Sunday 3/11/18; 12:30-2:00

Facilitators:          Sophie Szatkowski & TBA

Format:                 Experiential activity for middle school, high school, and adult ages

Description:         A Privilege Walk is a group exercise enabling participants to investigate how a range of types of privilege manifest in their lives. Possible sources of privilege and identity include social, economic, gender-based, age-based, racial, and cultural.  Participants will be invited to discuss their experiences of the Walk after the exercise.

Worship Sharing  Sunday 3/25/18; 12:30-2:00

Convener:           PFM Facilitators

Format:     Worship sharing

Description:         Join with others to both listen deeply and share as led on two key questions: “Racism, Privilege & Quakers – What have we learned personally and as a meeting? Where or what do we do next personally and as a meeting?”

Child Care will be provided as needed for those planning to attend any of the series of programs offered through Portland Friends Meeting on “Racism, Privilege & Quakers”  To ensure that your child has care, please contact Susan Grannell at grannell8@gmail.com  or call 401-413-5951.  Indicate the dates you will plan to attend, you name and the child’s (children’s) name.

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