Want to Stay Aware of What’s Happening in Quakerdom?

One way to stay aware of what’s happening around the Quaker world is to subscribe to Martin Kelly’s Quaker Ranter Daily, a nearly-daily blog and e-mail service.  Kelly reads dozens and dozens of blog posts by Quakers around the U.S. and beyond, and posts links to what he thinks are the most interesting ones.

Today, for example, he links to a post from Emily Provance, a member of 15th Street Meeting in New York, about Generational Strategies for Quaker Outreach.  nEmily believes we need different communication strategies for those over and those under age 45.

He also links today to a blog post from J. J. Lund, the rising clerk of Wilmington Yearly Meeting, which is experiencing a schism broadly similar to what has happened recently in Indiana Yearly Meeting and in North Carolina Yearly Meeting.  Lund closes on a hopeful note, one that I believe will resonate with members of Durham Friends Meeting:

The Wilmington Yearly Meeting that emerges will be smaller.  It will still be diverse, including a range of views on same gender marriage and Biblical authority.  It will consist of meetings that have chosen Christian fellowship over dogma, the Gospel of Love over the letter of the law.