Library News for September, 2018

By Dorothy Hinshaw

Four books on the USFWI Reading List were purchased following the suggestions of Woman’s Society members:

  • Freeman, Henry B.: Unlacing the Heart. Henry has been a fundraiser for several Quaker institutions; he shares his inspirational friendship with Henri Nouwen, and a meaningful visit to El Salvador.
  • Karon, Jan: Come Rain or Come Shine. This is a must read for those who have read her other books, but it lacks the depth of previous novels.
  • Thebarge, Sarah: The Invisible Girls. This is a memoir which shows empathy and support for a Somali family she met on a bus, her struggle with cancer, and her religious journey.
  • Walton, Mary: A Woman’s Crusade; Alice Paul and the battle for the ballet. Quaker Alice was a major leader in the woman’s suffrage movement in the States. This book is tedious but a well written historic account.

Also “check out” our renewed subscription to the pamphlet series, Quaker Religious Thought. These are short reads on Quaker theology and experience. Don’t forget that we continue to receive Pendle Hill Pamphlets on relevant topics. A gem of a recently discovered pamphlet in our collection is Friends and the Sacraments, by various Quaker leaders. Pamphlets are located on the Pamphlet Shelf!