Using Zoom for Worship at Durham Friends Meeting

Below is information for people to access Durham Friends Meeting for Worship online using Zoom.
People can watch or listen by computer, tablet, cellphone, or landline.
We request that remote listeners mute their devices (click on the audio or mute icon) stay muted throughout the Meeting so we don’t bring stray sounds into the gathered worship.

Here’s how to join the online Zoom meeting:
Meeting link:      Click here to join by video and audio
Phone number:     +1 301 715 8592    Dial this to listen only
Meeting ID:    281 442 6094  

Our Zoom Meetings now require a password. We are providing this morning’s password by email to all members for whom we have email addresses. Check your email. If you haven’t received the password by email, please write to or call 207-522-3787 to request the password.

Here is a an overview of Zoom Meeting Basics specifically designed for first time Zoom users.

If anyone has any questions or challenges with using Zoom, please call me at 207-522-3787.

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