Woman’s Society Report for March

By Angie Reed

The Woman’s Society met on March 21 at the Meeting House.  Twelve individuals gathered a few minutes early on that snowy night for a Silent Auction, and meeting.  Angie Reed presented the Devotions on letting God’s plan for you reveal itself over time and read a story about a Salt Doll and the Sea.  Nancy Marstaller presented the program from Blueprints and discussed how we can learn to forgive others and, with more difficulty, ourselves.  Those who attended shared experiences related to both topics.

In Business, prayers were asked for Libya, Japan and for Getry Agizah who is coordinator of Friends Peace Teams in Kenya and is currently traveling in the US.  The Tedford Meal for March was chicken and gravy, squash, rice, a veggie or salad dish, garlic bread and a desert.  We approved a request from a member to gather toiletry items for Japan.  We discussed the need for more juice glasses for the Meeting House.  The date of May 28th was set for the Yard Sale.  Kitsie ended the meeting with inspirational kitchen quotes.  Phyllis Wetherell prepared gingerbread and other goodies. The next meeting will be on April 18 at Clarabel Marstaller’s home. All are welcome to attend.

Please do not t forget to order your pies!