Our Meeting

We have found comfort in the metaphor of the potluck.  Each of us brings what we are able, and we gather joyfully to share the bounty.  It does not matter if we have little or nothing to bring, there is always enough.  And being with each other, in light and laughter while giving thanks, is our deepest blessing.  We are grateful. (From our State of the Society 2011)

The usual order of our worship service is:

  • 10:25 Open Hymn Sing
  • ~10:35 Call to worship, sharing of joys and concerns, requests for prayer
  • ~10:45 Youth Storytime (afterwards, children may leave for Sunday School)
  • Message Giver speaks when moved
  • Unprogrammed Worship (people speak as moved)
  • ~11:30 Call for Offering
  • Announcements and introduction of visitors
  • Final Hymn

Meeting is closed by handshakes, led by people on facing bench.  After meeting please stay to enjoy refreshments with us and sign our guest book.

Childcare is available throughout the service.  

A blanket of divine covering comes over the room, a stillness that can be felt over all … A quickening Presence pervades us, breaking down some part of the special privacy and isolation of our individual lives and blending our spirits within a super-individual Life and Power.  An objective, dynamic Presence enfolds us all, nourishes our souls, speaks glad, unutterable comfort within us, and quickens us in depths that had before been slumbering.    –from Thomas Kelly, A Testament of Devotion

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