Durham Meeting Contemplative Prayer Group

On Monday mornings from 8:45 am through 9:45 am you are welcome to join us for prayer.  The Zoom link is the same as the one for Durham worship, found on our website (List website here).

During this period, we experience a corporate attention to God through silence, intercessory prayer, exercises of gratitude and communion with each other.  Though we are not tied to a particular order of practice, we include a brief time for greetings, prayer requests, followed by 30 minutes of waiting worship, and close with about 15 minutes of fellowship and final thoughts.

Join us!

Contemplative Prayer Group

It has been said that real prayer is not so much a request as it is listening to God.

Contemplative Prayer is an ancient Christian practice.

We will gather at the Meeting House on Tuesdays in May: 10th – 31st at 7:00PM to practice Contemplative Prayer.  Please join us for any or all of those evenings.  If you have any questions call Daphne Clement at 353-6354.