Queries on Financial Giving

These Queries were read by Sarah during the presentation:

From remarks at Chestnut Hill Meeting, Philadelphia, PA
By Thomas Jeavons
January 6, 2002
 Do we as individuals see giving to our
Meetings (and other Quaker bodies) as: An
obligation of membership? An opportunity
to express our commitment to Quakerism?
An exercise that can be an expression of –
and contribute to our growth in – faith? As
an expression of gratitude to God for all the
blessings we have? Some combination?
Something else entirely?
 Do we as a Meeting community believe
members have an obligation to provide some
financial support to the Meeting, even if
only a token amount for those who have
little to give? Do we believe members
should make the Meeting a “charitable
priority?” Are we willing to talk with one
another about what levels of giving are
appropriate? If not, why not?
 Are we creating some safe spaces, and
providing some support, for our members
and attenders to talk with each other about
and wrestle with questions and concerns
about what should exist connections
between our faith and our money – not just
in relation to their giving, but in all aspects
of their lives? If not, should we, and how
could we?