We welcome all to Durham Friends!

Sunday Worship Via ZOOM & in Person, 10:25 am

Durham Friends Meetinghouse Use Guidelines

**We will continue in-person worship at the Meetinghouse this Sunday.  We will also continue to allow participation in worship via ZOOM.  Those coming to the Meetinghouse should particularly note the Meetinghouse Use Guidelines

Please note that ALL coming to the Meetinghouse are required to be masked. 

We gather on land that is a homeland for the Wabanaki

Contemplative Prayer Group, Every Monday, 8:45-9:45 am

Meeting for Healing with Portland Friends, July 21 and August 18

NEYM Annual Sessions, August 6-11, 2022, at Castleton University AND via ZOOM

Worship with Friends in Kyiv, Ukraine


From Peace and Social Concerns Committee

July 2022 New England Yearly Meeting Newsletter

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Upcoming Message Givers:

  • August 14:   Allen Ewing-Merrill, director, BTS Center
  • August 21:
  • August 28: