Recommended Social Justice Resources for Teachers and Others

The Social Justice Book Project, at Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends in Maine, has produced the materials in this folder for use by teachers of young children and organizations wishing to establish similar projects in their communities. These materials are available to you to print and share. By October 1, 2024 all of the materials will be available and they include:

Guide Books

A Guide to Building a School Justice Book Project

Creating an Anti-Bias Classroom Community – the Role of Books

Exploring the Black Experience in America – the Role of Books

Exploring Wabanaki History and Culture with Attention to Care of the Environment – the Role of Books


Anti-bias Classroom Community Books

Black Experience in America Books

Books By and About Indigenous Peoples

Books About Diverse Families

Books About Social Justice Activists

Immigrant Stories

Stories About Inspirational Figures

Books About Appreciating and Caring for the Environment


A List of Other Recommended Resources

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