Quaker Faith and Practice

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends is a community discerning and serving the will of God. Our understanding of God comes through corporate worship, study of the Bible and other literature, a sense of God through Jesus Christ, through continuing revelation, and in confirming experiences, many of which we share with one another. The Meeting should provide opportunities for the individual to grow in faith and in expressing that faith. For these purposes it is important for us to attend Meeting for Worship and Monthly Meeting for Business, to support the Meeting financially, to serve on committees as time and energy allow, and to take part in opportunities provided by the Meeting for worship, study, and fellowship with others.

The Meeting is ideally a supportive community for those in it. It cannot be exclusive, but must make its resources and programs open to all.

Those in the Meeting community should be aware of its involvement in Friends groups at many levels beyond our own community: i.e.,

Falmouth Quarterly Meeting,

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends,

Friends United Meeting,

Friends General Conference;

and other Friends organizations such as

American Friends Service Committee,

Friends Committee on National Legislation,

Friends World Committee for Consultation.

The Meeting is a member of the Brunswick Area Interfaith Council and the

Lisbon Area Christian Outreach.

[From the Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends Handbook, 2007]


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