For Visitors

Welcome, Friend.

Quaker meetings for worship are open to anyone who desires to share in them. This welcome applies equally to members of other churches or religious groups, who may, from time to time, wish to share in Quaker worship. It also applies to people who have, for one reason or another, become disenchanted with the worship they have previously experienced. Quakers also welcome to their meetings people who have great hesitation in saying that there is anything in their experience that could be called religious, yet are seeking for something which will bring a new dimension to their lives, that will enlarge their vision and sustain them.  [From George H. Gorman: The Amazing Fact of Quaker worship (Swarthmore lecture), 1973.]

The Meetinghouse is located at 532 Quaker Meeting House Road, Durham, Maine 04222. There is ample parking in front of the meetinghouse or directly across the street.