Woman’s Society May 21 Meeting Report

By Angie Reed
Ten women met on May 21, 2012, at Nancy Marstaller’s house for this month’s meeting. The Devotions
and Program were presented by Angie Reed. This month’s topic was “Waiting for God’s Leading.”
A report was given on the luncheon and program put on by the United Society of Friends Women –
International. Prayers were requested for the African Ministry Office, which includes Eden Grace, John
Munhanji, Judith Ngoya, and for Belize Friend’s School. The Tedford Meal for this month was a Chicken
Cheesy Casserole, Meatballs, Tomato Sauce and Italian bread, a green salad and dessert items. Plans were
made for refreshments for the Celebration service of Macy Whitehead’s life, and for the final set up for this
week’s yard sale. A suggestion was made to avoid planning the Yard Sale during Memorial Day Weekend in
future years due to the limited volunteer support this year. Money was put aside for this coming year’s adult and
youth reading program. Angie Reed and Dorothy Curtis were appointed to this year’s nominating committee. A
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meeting schedule was passed around for women to begin to sign up for next year’s Woman’s Society Programs,
the year of September 2012-September 2013. Plans were made to have our annual eat-out the week of August
20 at the Fairground Cafe. Further details will be in upcoming newsletters.
Our next meeting will be on June 18 at 7 p.m. The location will be announced.