Woman’s Society Zoom Meeting Minutes, April 17, 2023

Present, via Zoom: Dorothy Curtis, President, Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Kim Bolshaw.

Cards: Kim will send cards to Friends.

Program and Devotions: We took turns reading Program #3 from Blueprints: “Hope From Believing in God’s Goodness”, by Charlotte Strangelove. Scripture: Romans 15:13, “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.’’ Recommended Song: Good, Good Father or Great is Thy Faithfulness.
The message encouraged us to promote hopeful truths based on scriptures from the Bible.
We shared how the goodness of God is evident in our lives.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from our 3/20/2023 meeting.
Treasurer’s Report: We have $11.05 in the account. The Woman’s Society traditionally
has donated money to causes that support children and youth. Since the pandemic, there
has been less participation in the Woman’s Society, and fewer fundraising events. We
discussed ways to earn funds and also would be grateful for charitable donations from
outside our group.

Prayers: For Friends, including those Kim sends cards to.

Tedford Meal: On April 3 Nancy’s Team E prepared lasagna, pumpkin soup, green
salad, bread, cookies and ice cream. The meal on May 1 will be made by Leslie
Manning’s Team F. Volunteer contributions of food or donations are welcome.

Other Business: We discussed Kim’s trip to Cuba, and the question of Memorial Minutes
for Helen Clarkson, Charlotte Anne Curtis, and Margaret Wentworth.

Dorothy Curtis ended the meeting with a quote from Madame de Stael: “To pray together, in whatever tongue or ritual, is the most tender brotherhood of hope and sympathy that men can contract in this life.”

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Zoom Meeting Minutes. March 20, 2023

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, Susan Gilbert, Secretary,
Kim Bolshaw, Dorothy Hinshaw

Cards: For Friends. Kim will check the current copy of the Advocate magazine in the
Meeting House for names and addresses of Friends ministering in the field, reviving the
tradition of Durham Friends sending them birthday cards. The cards will be available for
group signing after Meetings.

Program and Devotions: Dorothy, Nancy and Kim took turns reading Nikki Holland’s
contribution to Blueprints, Ministering Like a Scuba Diver’’. Scripture:But seek first
his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well’’
(Matthew 6:33). Nikki lives in Belize City, where she is Director of Friends United
Meeting’s ministries in Belize. There, learning to scuba dive over the coral reef motivated
her to bring the peace, joy and wonder she found underwater to her life and ministry. She
draws parallels between lessons of safe diving and her everyday life: “Always Keep
Breathing. Stay calm. Care for your equipment. Understand your responsibility. Buddy up.
Rest. Listen to your body. Equalize.’’

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from the 2.20.2023 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy has given Dorothy Curtis the money for her upcoming trip to
the USFWI Triennial in Nakuru, Kenya July 2 – 8. She made a correction to the 2.20.’23
minutes: Checking bal. $2314.72, with $2203.67 for triennial expenses, leaving $111.05
available. We decided to send $50 each to Wayfinder Schools and Sexual Assault Services
of Midcoast Maine. The Woman’s Society would appreciate donations by Friends to be
contributed to worthy causes.

Prayers: For Friends

Tedford Meal: On March 6, Dorothy and Kim provided chicken nuggets, salad, mashed
potatoes, oranges, milk and chocolate cake. The April 3 meal will be prepared by Team E,
Nancy Marstaller, team leader. Volunteers to contribute food or donations are welcome.

Other Business: Marian Baker, a NH Friend active in the United Society of Friends
Women International is bringing the message to our Meeting on April 2. Kim told us of her
trip to Cuba. Fritz Weiss presented to Velasco Meeting the gift of a group – created wall
quilt, put together and finished by Dorothy Curtis. Nancy’s creation of a 5 block printed
prayer flag with birds, owl and bee was given and hung in the Velasco Meeting House

Dorothy Curtis ended the meeting with the poem, “Joy of Life” by an unknown author:
The joy of life is living it and doing things of worth,
In making bright and fruitful all the barren spots of earth.
In facing odds and mastering them and rising from defeat,
And making true what once was false, and what was bitter, sweet.
For only he knows perfect joy whose little bit of soil
Is richer ground than what it was when he began to toil.

Woman’s Society Zoom Meeting Minutes, February 20, 2023

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Dorothy Hinshaw, Marian Baker, Qat Langelier

Cards: For Friends.

Program and Devotions: We took turns reading from Blueprint, the Program, “Abounding in Hope” by Ruthie Tippin.

– “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow, abounding in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit,” Romans 15:13.

– Summarizing Ruthie Tippin, we can find God in simple, ordinary people and things, if we pay attention.

– In the words of Job Scott, Quaker Friend, in 1765, heaven within begins in (quoting Matthew), “. . . the least of all seeds.”

– Ruthie Tippin bids us to “imagine carrying the seeds of divine life in your pocket each day. Hope. Joy. Peace. Trust.”

– In summation: Starting with what we have, acting in hopefulness, trusting in God, we move from helplessness to hopefulness.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from the 1/16/2023 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:

   $168.06 in checking

   $2198.29 in CD (for Triennial expenses)

   Total $2366.35

   (plus $25 in savings)

Please note: Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, will send a detailed version of the annual financial report to anyone interested.

Prayers: For Friends.

Tedford Meal: Team C prepared meat loaf, veggies, baked potatoes and dessert. Next month, Team D, Dorothy Curtis, team leader, will bring the meal.

Other Business: Marian Baker spoke with us in depth about upcoming USFW plans. 

–There will be a board meeting of USFWI March 23 – 25.

–The hybrid Northeast Regional Gathering is May 6 and 7 in Buffalo, NY.  Marian is going to both events and welcomes anyone interested to contact her.

– The USFWI Triennial will be held in Nakuru, Kenya July 2 – 8. 

– The World Day of Prayer on July 1 will be spent in prayers and singing in Kenya. 

– Dorothy Curtis hopes to travel to Africa with others from our area.

– Dorothy Hinshaw has boxes of books for Kenya which Marian will look over.

– Marian is working with Senator Jeanne Shaheen of NH and Elizabeth Warren of MA to help a Kenyan woman pastor get a visa to visit the US.

Dorothy Curtis ended the meeting with a poem by Florence Earle Coates:

Who Walks The World With Soul Awake

Who walks the world with soul awake
Finds beauty everywhere;
Though labor be his portion,
Though sorrow be his share,
He looks beyond obscuring clouds,
Sure that the light is there!

And if, the ills of mortal life
Grown heavier to bear,
Doubt come with its perplexities
And whisper of despair,
He turns with love to suffering men—
And, lo! God, too, is there.

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Zoom Meeting Minutes, January 16, 2023

January 16, 2023

Susan Gilbert, Secretary 

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Kim Bolshaw

Dorothy quoted for Martin Luther King Day his statement that “hate doesn’t get rid of hate, love does.”

Card Ministry: Kim will send cards to Friends. She will obtain a copy of The Advocate, which lists names and birthdays of Quaker missionaries and make cards to them available for Durham Friends to sign after Meeting.

Program and Devotions: Kim brought the program using the Pendle Hill publication “Quaker Life” on the subject of gentleness by Melissa Snyder. Gentleness as our response should not be thought a sign of weakness. The Lord asks that our gentleness be an action, not just a response. The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to say, “Let your gentleness be evident to all.” “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” We can emulate Christ by using positive communication and patience in interactions such as teachers advocating for children with their parents. We can listen and allow ourselves to hear the still small voice of God.

Treasurer’s Report: Since November we received $5 in dues and $100 in memory of Helen Clarkson, Charlotte Anne Curtis and Margaret Wentworth. We paid $38.13 for Blueprints publication and have a balance of $111.05 in the general account. We have $2023.67 available for triennial expenses.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes of the 12/19/22 meeting.

Next Meeting: February 20 at 7 PM. 

Prayers: For Friends healing and safety in travel.

Tedford Meal: Team B’s meal for January 2 was roast beef, potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, brownies, oranges, ice cream and cookies. Next meal will be prepared by Team C, with Sarah Sprogell team leader. Tedford Meal Teams would appreciate contributions of food or donations toward the meal.  Teams with each leader’s name and phone number are posted at the Meeting House.

New Business: Dorothy Curtis will be traveling to Africa and Kim Bolshaw will be traveling to Cuba in 2023, and both will record their experience in photos. Dorothy will contact Marian Baker, who is also going to Africa for the Friends United Meeting, United Society of Friends Women International Triennial, to be held in Nakuru, Kenya, in July, 2023. Kim, with three Portland Friends, will visit our Sister Meeting in Velasco, Cuba from February 15-27. The trip will include a visit to Cuba Yearly Meeting, which is from February 16 to 20.

Dorothy ended the meeting with a quote she found in the book “Wonder of Comfort”:

“God shall be my hope, my stay, my guide and lantern to my feet.”

—William Shakespeare

Respectfully submitted, Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Minutes, December 19, 2022

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Kim Bolshaw

Card Ministry: Kim will send cards.

Program and Devotions: Dorothy read the illustrated children’s book “Three Wise Women,” by Mary Hoffman, a retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth.  Three women are drawn to follow star and moon light, meet each other on the road to the manger, and bring gifts to the child.

Treasurer’s Report: No report this month.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from our November 21 meeting.

Next Meeting: January 15, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Prayers: For Friends.

Tedford Meal: Team A provided mac and cheese with ham, salad greens, rolls, cookies and ice cream.  Team B will bring the meal January 2, 2023. Tedford Meal Teams would appreciate contributions of food or donations toward the meal.  Tedford Teams and their leader’s name and phone number will be posted at the Meeting House.

Other Business: We hope that the Woman’s Society will meet regularly at the Meeting House. We would like to continue the tradition of the Christmas gift exchange, and revive the tradition of sending birthday cards to missionaries in the field.  We remembered the passing around of Margaret Wentworth’s purple clipboard after meetings with cards to be signed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Gilbert, Secretary

Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Minutes, November 21, 2022

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Kim Bolshaw, Jo-an Jacobus

Card Ministry: Kim showed us Margaret Wentworth’s card box, which she will be using. Dorothy has more cards if needed. Kim will send a sympathy card.

Program and Devotions: We have received the new edition of Blueprints. Because of technical difficulties with Zoom, we did not have a Program.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy reported we have a balance of $138.18 in the WS general checking account. We will send donations of $50 each to Lisbon Area Outreach and Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program. We don’t have enough money for Christmas packages this year.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from our November 17 meeting.

Next Meeting: December 19 at 7:00 PM.

Prayers: We will look for another person to follow Margaret Wentworth overseeing prayers. Prayers were suggested.

Tedford Meal: The meal was provided by Team F. We spent time reorganizing the Tedford Meal Teams, and would welcome volunteers to help the team leaders—with cooking, delivering, or contributing to the cost. Tedford House in Brunswick provides for 13 people. Meals can be delivered between 8:30 and 3:00 on the first Monday each month, or the day before. December will be prepared by Team A.

Other Business: The Woman’s Society was asked to contribute to Memorial Minutes. We discussed this, and Dorothy will talk to Ministry and Counsel. 

Dorothy closed the meeting with a quote from William Penn: “We meet on the broad pathway of good faith and good will; no advantage shall be taken on either side, but all shall be openness and love.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Notes September 19, 2022

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Qat Langelier, Dorothy Hinshaw.

Card Ministry: Dorothy Curtis told us that Sue Wood passed away. We do not have an address for her family. Dorothy will bring a card to the Meeting House for people to sign, and we will try to find an address. Margaret has been between Maine Medical Center and Brentwood Manor. She may need help organizing her belongings and clearing space in Brunswick.

Program: We did not have a program this month.

Tedford Meal: For September, Qat ordered groceries from Hannaford; delivery charges were waived. The menu was sweet corn, burgers, watermelon and pies. Qat’s Team D which provides meals in March and September, could use  volunteers to assist her, either cooking or contributing to the purchase of food. Thank You! Susan volunteered to assist Team C in August. We remembered with love Dorothy Curtis’ aunt,  Helen Clarkson, a ‘’snowbird’’ between Maine and Arizona, who assisted Team C in the summertime. In August, Dorothy Curtis made a chicken and rice casserole, provided salad fixings, rolls, watermelon and brownies.

US Friends Womens International, Northeast gathered on September 5. Dorothy Curtis and Dorothy Hinshaw attended.

Helen Clarkson and Sue Wood have passed away.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy said we have $37. in the account. She will order 5 copies of the Blueprint book.

We will change the meeting time to 7:00 in October.

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Minutes, June 20, 2022

Susan Gilbert, Secretary

Present: Dorothy Curtis/President, Susan Gilbert/Secretary, Helen Clarkson, Charlotte Anne Curtis, Renee Cote, Martha Sheldon, Qat Langelier, Kitsie Hildebrandt

Card Ministry: Dorothy began the meeting and asked who should receive cards.

Program and Devotions:

Qat shared their Bible Study Group experience with Adelphi Friends (in Maryland) and read selections from the current issue of Illuminate which covers the Gospel of John. The source of our name is in John 15:15, “I do not call you servants any longer, because the servant does not know what the master is doing; but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father.” Qat recommends the Illuminate series, which is available through barclaypress.com. Dorothy thanked Qat.

Dorothy let us know that Joyce Machaha and Judith Nandikove of Donholm Friends Church of Nairobi Yearly Meeting will not be visiting North American USFWI groups this year, as they did not obtain the necessary grant. They will try again next year.

Treasurer’s Report: Given by Dorothy, as Nancy was not present. Nancy put our investment funds into a 6-month CD, which will mature in December. There is $121.18 in our account. We approved giving donations, $50 each, to MCHPP and USFWI. Dorothy thanked Nancy.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from the June 16 meeting.

Next Meeting: The Woman’s Society will take July and August off from meeting, but we plan a pot luck picnic on August 15. Dorothy Curtis offered to mask, wear gloves and serve.

Prayers: A Friend was suggested. Margaret Wentworth requested that we pray for the head of the Ramallah Friends School in Palestine, Rania Maayah.

Tedford Meal: Team B will prepare July’s meal, Team C, August, Team D, September. Charlotte Ann offered to help with calling.

Other Business:

Martha is coming to the U.S. for three weeks this summer, August 2-23.  

Betsy Muench invited Durham Friends to her cottage for the past weekend. Qat shared Betsy’s view with us. We saw Seguin, Pond Isle, and two light houses. Popham Beach is nearby.

Gratitude was expressed as Dorothy ended the meeting.

Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Minutes, May 16, 2022

By Susan Gilbert, Secretary

Present: Dorothy Curtis/President, Nancy Marstaller/Treasurer, Susan Gilbert/Secretary, Helen Clarkson, Charlotte Anne Curtis, Martha Sheldon, Kim Bolshaw, Qat Langelier, Marion Baker

Cards: We chose people to send cards to, and decided to no longer name them in the meeting notes.

Devotions and Program: The Bluprints program by Nancy McCormick ‘’Resting In His Shadow’’ was read by Kim. Scripture – Psalm 91:1 – 2, Hymn – ‘Great is Thy Faithfulness’’. Nancy and Mike McCormick and their ministry teams have made several trips to Belize City Friends Center, assisting with maintenance of buildings and grounds, helping the teachers as needed, and holding an after school program for Friends School students as well as local children.  Nancy described this service as an exchange of care and learning between the visiting Friends and the local community. We sang ‘’Great is Thy Faithfulness’’. 

Next Meeting: The next WS meeting will be brought by Helen on June 20 – ‘‘Strength and Courage From the Lord’’. Dorothy asked if we might take August 15 off and we decided to have a picnic gathering that day instead of a meeting. 

Minutes: Susan read the meeting notes from April 18.

Treasurer’s Report: Nancy said we had a $5 donation. After $31.88 was spent on books, we have a balance of $51.18. We have a CD invested for expenses to send Dorothy Curtis to Kabarak, Kenya to attend the 2023 USFWS International Triennial. Nancy will investigate rates and times – possibly 6 or 9 months – to reinvest.

Prayers: Prayers were asked for individuals.

Tedford Meal: June’s meal will be prepared by Kitsie’s Team A.

Other Business: Nancy has designed a decorative quilt as a gift to bring to Velasco, Cuba, on the trip there at the end of September. She asked if anyone wanted to make a square by August 15. Marion suggested a depiction of Durham Meeting House in the center. Fabric paint or embroidery are possibilities for our designs.

Marian said the NE Region of USFWI would have an update on the upcoming International Triennial, with info on what’s happening locally.  A grant has been finished to bring Joyce Machaha and Judith Nandikove of Donholm Friends Church,   Nairobi Yearly Meeting to visit women in New York, New England and Quebec ’ and possibly Western Region USFWI Woman’s Society groups. The Meeting House in Donholm holds 1500 to 2000 people and has programmed meetings. Joyce may be available to attend our August 15 gathering.

Dorothy ended the meeting with a quote from Helen Keller, ‘’The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched but must be felt by the heart’’.

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Minutes, April 18, 2022

By Susan Gilbert, Secretary

            Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Nancy Marstaller, Treasurer, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Charlotte Anne Curtis, Kim Bolshaw, Dorothy Hinshaw, Helen Clarkson, Kitsie Hildebrandt

            Card Ministry: Kim will send cards to Margaret Wentworth’s brother Jim and his wife Vera, and their niece, Alex, saying we are “thinking of you.” She will send a thank you card to Kitsie in appreciation of her hard work for the Meeting over the years, as a trustee, treasurer, organizing historical records, and many other contributions.

            Devotions and Program: Brought by Dorothy Curtis, who read from the month’s Blueprint offering on “Resting in His Shadow.” This was by Nairobi Kenyan Judith M’maitsi Nandikove on how God provides rest in times of trial, quoting Psalm 91, Isaiah 44.

            Next Meeting: May 16, Program will be brought by Kim Bolshaw.

            Minutes: Susan read the newsletter version and will email present members the long archive version for everyone to check for corrections.

            Treasurer’s Report: Nancy said the WS received a $40 donation, bringing the balance to $70.68.

            She suggests we make a reading list for 2022-2023. Mary Glen Hadley’s book Led By The Light and Marty Grundy’s A Call to Friends—Faithful Living in Desperate Times could be bought together for a discount. Midcoast Hunger could receive a donation of $30 or $40. We discussed buying Blueprints and Calendars for the new year, counting who wants one and buying a few extra.

            Prayers: For Margaret Wentworth and her brother and his family. For Kim’s friend Merrill Noetzel. Kim and Merrill recently lost their friend, Clarence David, of Lunt Road.

            Tedford House: Nancy’s Team E prepared a meal of meat, mac and cheese, salad, bread, cookies, fruit and juice. Leslie Manning’s Team F will cook next month.

            Leslie Manning has asked if WS members are interested in Adult Sunday School starting up again.

            Dorothy Curtis ended the meeting, reading a Spring poem from a children’s book.

Woman’s Society Meeting Report, January 17, 2022

Meeting by Zoom, January 17, 2022

Present: Dorothy Curtis/President, Nancy Marstaller/Treasurer, Susan Gilbert/Secretary, Kitsie Hildebrandt, Charlotte Ann Curtis, Margaret Wentworth, Kim Bolshaw, Dorothy Hinshaw, Helen Clarkson.

Dorothy Curtis began the meeting with a discussion of the Card Ministry. Kim has picked up the card supplies from Margaret. Kitsie suggested one be sent to Gene Boyington, who is active at the Portland Meeting with Theresa Oleksiw. Sue Wood also was mentioned. She is healthy and was glad to have Charlotte Ann visit her at The McClellan.

The Devotions Program was brought by Kitsie from the Woman’s Society Book. She referred back to a previous lesson that Nancy had read—Pastor Kathy Berry on Psalm 91, “Whoever dwells in the shadow of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” Pastor Kathy said that God does not prevent danger but does help us deal with it. She believes that as Quakers, our mission is to carry out God’s will, and his will must be obeyed. Participants considered the question “has God rescued us?” and shared instances of when they felt rescued.

Kitsie suggested further exploration of rest at restquiz.com, recommended to her by Kristna Evans. The rest quiz is connected with Saundra Dalton-Smith’s book, Sacred Rest, and Dalton-Smith’s website: https://ichoosemybestlife.com/.

Susan read the notes from the December 21 meeting. Corrections were made: two cooked vegetables and a salad instead of cooked vegetable salad for the Tedford House meal, and Phyllis Wetherell, not Phyllis Wentworth. Phyllis was Charlotte Ann’s sister, who had been very active in the Woman’s Society. The family contributed $200 to the Woman’s Society in gratitude for the loving time and attention Craig Freshley and Kim Bolshaw provided for the celebration of Phyllis’s life at the Meeting House. Craig and Kim did not want compensation.

Nancy gave the Treasurer’s Report: Balance $168 with no contributions yet this month. Sexual Support Services of Midcoast Maine, Wayfinder School and New Beginnings will each receive $50.

Nancy did not have a chance to look at the book list but has been reading “A Lenape Among the Quakers.” She found the depiction of the colonial/indigenous relationship distressing.

Margaret made Prayer Requests for two African missions, Samburu Friends Mission and Turkana Friends Mission, noting the importance of their being run by Africans.

The Tedford meal of roast beef, vegetables, salad and dessert was cooked on January 3 by Nancy’s team. This month’s meal on February 7 will be cooked by team C, Dorothy Curtis and Sarah Sprogell.

There was a meeting of the US Friends Woman’s Society NE Region on Zoom on January 15 from 9-11. Attending from Durham Friends were Dorothy Curtis, Helen, Nancy, Dorothy Hinshaw and Martha.

Dorothy closed the meeting with a quote from Martin Luther King, as we met on his National Holiday: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

We were treated to a viewing of Nancy’s colorful block printed banners and Kitsie’s colorful block printed bag.

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Gilbert

Woman’s Society Meeting Minutes, December 20, 2021

Durham Friends Woman’s Society Meeting by Zoom December 20, 2021 6:30 – 7:30

Present:  Dorothy Curtis/President, Nancy Marstaller/Treasurer, Kim Bolshaw, Dorothy Hinshaw, Kitsie Hildebrandt, Angie Reed, Qat Langelier, Margaret Wentworth, Charlotte Ann Curtis, Susan Gilbert

Cards and Prayers: Margaret Wentworth is passing on the card writing task in 2022, to Kim Bolshaw. Kim will pick up the box of cards from Margaret, and asks to be reminded to send them out. Concern was expressed for Tess and her husband having Covid, and daughter Ariana, who recently had her appendix out. Tess recovered quickly. Prayers were asked for Angie Reed’s family struggle with Covid. David Dexter is home and much better, but on oxygen after hospitalization with Covid. Margaret asked for prayers for Ramallah Friends School in Palestine, which is under tremendous pressure. Kitsie Hildebrandt would like prayers for the Harpswell Coastal Academy whose guidance counselor, Amanda Wogaman passed away.

We are sad that Martha, Jessica and Christopher Sheldon will not be visiting Maine for Christmas, due to  travel risks of Covid.

Angie Reed brought the Program and Devotions using Ann Morrow Lindbergh’s “Gift From the Sea”.  Angie noted the author’s imagery of a channeled whelk shell, borrowed by a hermit crab. In finding the empty shell, AML reflected that her vacation by the sea was a retreat from life’s distractions.  The beach inspired thoughts of living in creative contemplation and simplicity. She wanted to carry her everyday life tasks lightly. Angie said that going to her camp and to the Meeting House were her places of  simplicity. Qat mentioned the Buy Nothing Movement as an option, and also that the refugee communities need things. She said emotional attachment comes first to deal with a displacement. Kitsie commented that there is external and internal simplicity, and that the internal is harder to reach. As Angie is turning 60, she is thankful for good health, and seeks to reduce emotional and personal clutter. Dorothy Curtis thanked Angie.

Susan Gilbert read the minutes from November 15, 2021. A correction was made that Leslie Manning is the leader of Angie’s Tedford House meal team.

Treasurers Report by Nancy Marstaller: The Woman’s Society received donations in December, of $125 and one of $200, from Phylis Wetherell’s family,  in appreciation for her memorial service at the Meeting House. This brought our  balance to $368.  Checks for $100 were sent to USFWI Children and Youth and Warm Thy Neighbor heating assistance, leaving a balance of $168.

The Tedford House meal on December 6, prepared by Kitsie’s team, was roasted turkey with gravy, cooked vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, crackers and bread, almond cookies and banana bread for 13 people. The January 3  meal will be cooked by Team B, Nancy Marstaller and Qat Langelier.

Dorothy Hinshaw reported that she had looked over the book list for the library and recommended author Jane Marshall. Nancy will look over the list.

Next Woman’s Society meeting will be on January 17 and Kitsie Hildebrandt will bring the program.

Dorothy ended the meeting with words from Philippians 4 “ Rejoice in the Lord always, and rejoice.’’

Respectfully Submitted, Susan Gilbert

AFSC Corporation Sessions in April

This year, taking advantage of our recent ability to gather Friends from all corners, the American Friends Service Committee Annual Corporation Meeting will be preceded by an exciting series of afternoon/evening seminars on a number of important topics in peace and justice.  The presenters will be a mix of AFSC staff and external partners/colleagues.  AFSC does peace and justice work in your name—come learn about what they are doing.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  

If you are interested in any of these events, you can get further information and register here: https://www.afsc.org/corpprogram

Sunday, April 11, 7-8:30pm:  Quakers, AFSC, and abolition:
Then and now

Monday, April 12, 8-9:30pm: #FreeThemAll: How we are living into
the call to free folks in the context of COVID-19 and beyond

Tuesday, April 13, 8-9:30pm: Pursuing freedom for Palestine: A
campaign for Palestinian children’s rights

Wednesday, April 14, 4pm: Global migrant justice: Manifesting
the joint Quaker migration statement

Wednesday, April 14, 8-9:30pm: Restorative Justice: What does it
look like/feel like in our communities?

Thursday, April 15, 1:30-3pm: Making new worlds: Creating a
society based on care and a solidarity economy—what to divest from/what to
invest in?

Thursday, April 15, 7-9pm: KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Plenary session on Abolition with Nyle Fort

Nyle Fort is a minister, activist, and scholar based in Newark, New Jersey. He has worked in education, criminal justice, and youth development for over a decade in various capacities including: the national director of Communities Against Militarized Police; founder and co-director of the Organizing Praxis Lab at Princeton University; and lead trainer at Momentum, an activist incubator that builds large-scale social movements in the United States and around the world.

Woman’s Society Report, November 16, 2020

Durham Friends Woman’s Society is a subgroup of United Society of Friends Women International (USFWI). USFWI is a Quaker organization that, for generations, has done extensive work to support communities in need throughout the world, and students in college and university, through card ministry and financial donations. All are welcome. Our next meeting is Monday, December 21 at 6:30 p.m. via the Meeting Zoom account.

Six women met Monday night, November 16, for fellowship and sharing a program, prayer requests and resources. The program wove together wisdom from Simone Weil’s book Love in the Void: Where God Finds Us, and a Quaker Kenyan woman’s story of being called to ministry. We were left with the query: “Do we have a willingness to start with love in discerning how to respond to God’s calls?”

For years the Durham Friends Woman’s Society has organized a mitten tree at the meetinghouse. This year we invite all who are led to help in this effort to donate individually to the charity of your choice. A list of possible places will be posted in the near future for anyone needing ideas. Blessings to you this Christmas season!  

~Martha Hinshaw Sheldon

Woman’s Society Report, October 19, 2020

Durham Friends Woman’s Society met October 19, in the evening, via Zoom. Nine women listened to a program given by Qat Langelier on “Go and Tell all the Nations, a call to tell and listen.” We were encouraged to speak with humility and to listen to others from other lands who can teach us. Qat also shared from the book Bread for the Resistance by Donna Barber on ongoing conversion, or what Quakers call continuing revelation.

David Dexter made a donation to Humane Society via the Woman’s Society in honor of Mildred Alexander. Thank you, David! 

Prayers were shared for Friends throughout the world dealing directly with COVID-19. The monthly Tedford house meal was delivered to a smaller group at the house due to COVID-19. Groceries are accepted at the family shelter by contacting beverly@tedfordhousing.org. Conversations and sharing of stories ended the meeting as we continue to grow in our journeys. 

The next meeting is Monday, November 16, at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. All are welcome to attend.

Woman’s Society Report, September 21, 2020

Woman’s Society members gathered via Zoom on Monday, September 21, with seven in attendance. 

We shared prayer requests of our local and extended community and Nancy Marstaller shared a program based on John 15:12-17 — love one another, care for those near and far, and cultivate our internal mission field. This internal reflection is looking at our motivations for helping others.

We then discussed one of our most important outreach programs of bringing monthly meals to the Brunswick Tedford House. Many within and connected to the Meeting share in this task. 

The treasurer’s report listed donations to Good Shepherd, Midcoast Hunger Prevention Program, Kickapoo Friends Center in Oklahoma, and New Beginnings. Dorothy Curtis made and delivered baby quilts to Wendy Schlotterbeck for her granddaughter Eva and to Paul Miller for his grandchild. 

Our next meeting will be Monday, October 19, at 6:30 on Zoom. All women of the meeting are most welcome! — Blessings, Martha Hinshaw Sheldon

Durham Women’s Christmas Meeting in 1988

By Twila Greene, August 2, 2020

It’s been a lonely season and I hunger for my friends,

And I find my thoughts reverting to the past.

For last night I took a journey, that gave my soul delight,

As I walked across an old familiar path.

Elated, I surveyed the scene that was in front of me,

For all my Friends were gathered there in peaceful harmony.

All the women of the group were gathered in the Meeting,

Together for our fellowship, with pleasure in our greeting.

Bee was sitting by the bookcase, with Margaret in the loop,

Sue Wood suggested one to use for our discussion group.

She had read it and it touched her heart,

It would benefit all if we read it from the start.

Lida, Eileen and Sylvia were putting out the dishes,

With lots of festive goodies that all looked so delicious.

Dorothy, Mary and Charlotte Ann were in the kitchen with the food.

Something from the oven was smelling mighty good.

Dotty, Susan and Norma were in the Nursery Extension,

Reading to some little ones too numerous to mention.

This was the winter of ’88 with lots of little tots,

To love and teach and sing to them the joyous Meeting thoughts.

Nancy, Linda and Charlotte were decorating the tree,

With homemade socks and mittens for those who were in need.

Clarabel was trying to peacefully end a squabble

Syretha and Tess vied for the privilege to hang the treetop bauble.

Kitsie and Muriel were leading in devotions,

Giving us things to ponder and asking for our notions.

Elizabeth and Mabel were engaging in a chat,

Remembering all the old times and discussing this and that.

Dorothy Henton and Ruth Graham and also Del Weed,

Were inviting Helen Clarkson to join them for the feed.

Mildred had come early to make coffee and fruit punch,

Such were the events that made our Christmas lunch.

Everyone was gathered in contentment and accord,

Lunch was ready and everyone paused to thank the Lord.

Dorothy, from the Henton House, insisted on saying grace,

And a happy smile was seen to come on to Gracie’s face.

After gifts were open and we all had had our fill,

Sukie had a gift for us which was our closing thrill.

She had brought her harp with her, we all joined voice in song

I’m sure the angels joined with us in singing right along.

Such a pleasant time I spent with all the women there,

I woke up then refreshed and joyous music filled the ‘air,’

What a joy and gift I found in reliving that delight,

All was so realistic as I pondered on that night.

That was such a pleasure, a joy that was all mine,

Such a glorious meeting, such a glimpse of Love divine.

What I wouldn’t give if I could visit just once more,

And share that joy of entering through that meeting door.

I sure do miss those days and all the women that were once involved. Wish we lived closer, so I could continue in worship and get to know the newer members. When this pandemic is over I hope to visit. Durham is my heart’s home. Love to all, Twila

Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, May 24, 2020

            Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends convened via zoom for the conduct of business on Sunday, May 24, 2020, with 17 people present in their own homes.  Martha Hinshaw Sheldon, co-clerk, opened the meeting with a quote from New England Yearly Meeting Faith and Practice on corporate discernment.

1.The April minutes were approved.

2. Finance Committee:   Sarah Sprogell reported that the attached budget has a highlighted column reflecting the reduced expenses that were approved at last month’s business meeting.  Total income for the quarter was $16,338.07.

            We received $2000 in “end of year giving” from 2019, which made up for a reduction in weekly giving in March and will help in future months.  Our quarterly disbursement from NEYM pooled funds was received at its expected level of about $3500.  Overall we have met 26% of our projected annual income as of March 31st.

            Total expenses for the quarter were $9,881.49.  Most areas were under-budget as we hoped, with the exception of fuel oil.  Overall we have paid 16% of our projected annual expenses as of March 31st.  This figure is in keeping with our 30% reduction in expenditures, based on the expected impact of Covid19 restrictions.

             Treasurer, Katharine Hildebrandt, reported that expenses for April were $5035 and our income was $6200.

3. Peace and Social concerns Committee: Ingrid Chalufour reminded us to visit the meeting web site for information on upcoming events of the committee. 

4. Charity Account ad-hoc Committee:  Katharine Hildebrandt reported for the committee and presented proposed guidelines concerning the uses and criteria for the Charity Account:

            “The Charity account is to be administered, after careful consideration in each unique situation, for both Charitable Requests and Supported Ministry (Leadings) purposes.

            In terms of Supported Ministry (Leadings), coming from members and regular attenders, the request will be brought to a standing meeting committee first to prayerfully consider said request for funds. The meeting committee will then bring the request to monthly meeting, with the request added to an agenda that is distributed ahead of the monthly meeting.

            In considering proposals to support a ministry, we recommend the following criteria:

  • Alignment of the ministry with the faith and practice of Friends, including the testimonies. 
  • The character and integrity of the person or group seeking support.
  • The likely effectiveness (not just good intentions) of the effort.

In other words, does this ministry help to deepen and promote the life, not only of the individual or group, but the life of the whole meeting as well? 

            In terms of Charitable Requests, the request will be brought to a standing meeting committee first to prayerfully consider said request for funds. The meeting committee will then bring the request to monthly meeting, with the request added to an agenda, distributed ahead of the monthly meeting.

            In the case of emergencies, a request for financial assistance could be brought to the monthly meeting by a meeting committee, where it would be tended, weighed and prayerfully decided on by that monthly meeting. In this case the request would be communicated to the meeting community ahead of time.    

            The Charity Account, in general, would not be a source of funding for other Quaker organizations and causes such as FCNL, AFSC, QUNO, NEYM, Tedford Housing, or LACO, as these are included in the annual budget as contributions.

Requests for funds will generally be no greater than $1,000.00.”

              A thoughtful discussion ensued with suggestions for revisions; the result was that final approval of these guidelines will be made at the June monthly meeting.

5. Trustees:  Donna Hutchins sent a report which stated that they are looking into developing a green burial space at the Lund Road Cemetery.  Tess Hartford is currently painting the meeting worship room. Katharine Hildebrandt reported that Andy Higgins has been hired to do some grounds maintanence.

6. Christian Education Committee and Youth Minister: Wendy Schlotterbeck reported that Storytimes are being held each Wednesday evening via Zoom.  Books read so far are: The Wolf’s Chicken Stew, Malala’s Magic Pencil, Moon watchers, and The Tree House.  A Plant Sale will be held June 5th through June 8.  Children and Youth Sunday will be June 7th when meeting for worship via zoom will include content directed at our younger participants.  The committee will sponsor the popular Faith Journey sharing on the second and fourth Sunday mornings, 9:30-10:15.

            Fridays from 5-6pm Wendy is on zoom with New England Yearly Meeting Young Friends during their weekly affinity group check-ins.

            Wendy will be clerking the Committee for this year.

7. Snap Re-Boot project: Although the Charity Fund guidelines are yet to be approved, we reconsidered the request for funds to support this project, which are still needed.  The meeting discussed donating the amount of $1000, with appreciation for the two committees that have recommended support of the project.

8.  We approved the amount of $1000 for the Snap Re-Boot project, with two members standing aside, noting their hesitation to approve the project at this time.

9. Carbon Footprint Ad Hoc Committee: Kim Bolshaw, Katharine Hildebrandt, and Ingrid Chalfour attended a web-based workshop focused on greening meetinghouses, sponsored by New England Yearly Meeting Finance Committee.  John Reuthe from Vassalboro Meeting made the presentation.  John suggested that we, as a meeting, discuss what we mean by greening our meetinghouse.  In the absence of an opportunity to have this discussion, the committee is working on the assumption that our goal is to lower use of carbon fuel.  John’s presentation has influenced our development of a three-phase plan for our meetinghouse regarding insulation, cold air from the basement, and window inserts for the winter.

10. Ministry and Counsel:  Martha Hinshaw reported that at their next meeting they will look at how to safely return to gathering in the meetinghouse.

            The meeting recently received the sad news that member Phyllis White Wetherell died on April 25, in Richmond, Indiana where she had retired at Friends Fellowship Retirement Home.  Ministry and Counsel is preparing a draft memorial minute to be approved in June.

            Martha Hinshaw closed the meeting with the admonition: Go in Peace! 

Dorothy Hinshaw, Recording Clerk

Woman’s Society Report, February 17, 2020

On February 17, 2020 five women met in the home of Theresa Oleksiw. Cards of friendship and well wishes were signed and a prayer request for Getry Agigh was made. Getry works in the Alternative for Violence program in Kenya and braves many dangerous situations. Meals for the Tedford Shelter were organized.

Margaret Wentworth read from the 2019/2020 Blueprints, Finding the Way by Margaret Musalia, who lives in Kenya, is “retired but not tired,” and practices pastoral ministry. She offered a lot of sage advice, including “Don’t give up, God has plans for you,” “Be willing to do God’s will,” and “Never compare your blessings, you are unique.” We were reminded that comparison is the thief of joy.

Nancy Marstaller, treasurer, reported that we now have savings of $1,519.93, with $690 set aside for two of our members (Dorothy Curtis and Martha Hinshaw Sheldon) who will be going to the USFWI Triennial in Kenya this summer. It was noted that $1,470 has been donated to Woman’s Society in memory of Clarabel Marstaller. It was also agreed that we would ask Durham Monthly Meeting to give $600 for both Martha and Dorothy’s registration and related costs.

Refreshments were enjoyed by all, including Gene Boyington, who joined in the rollicking conversation. It was noted, with due seriousness, that duct tape is always useful — “if you can’t duct it, chuck it.”

Respectfully submitted by Theresa Oleksiw

Woman’s Society Report, January 20, 2020

The business portion of the gathering began with our monthly card ministry to those who are home bound, ill, or in need of encouragement, and to those engaged in world ministries who are celebrating their birthday. We then discussed our support of two members who will be attending the Friends United Meeting and United Society of Friends Women Triennial this summer in Kenya. Then we reviewed the Meeting refreshments volunteer list and the Tedford meals.
Jo-an Jacobus presented a program and discussion generated by USFW’s Blueprints on “Finding a Way to Peace” by Jan Dough. As she shared stories and reflections, we were encouraged to listen, pray, and act: listen for what is behind an act, pray without ceasing, act where we can. We reflected on the following queries: What are your tools to find peace and solve conflicts? Do you listen to and rely on God’s will to find answers? Do you complain about the injustices of the world, or do you act to make the world better for those around you? As Quakers, what are our peacemaking responsibilities?
Nancy Marstaller gave the annual treasurer’s report. The final total for the silent auction was $329. Memorial donations in honor of Clarabel Marstaller came to $1,375. Donations have been made to United Society of Friends Women International Children and Youth Projects, Warm Thy Neighbor, Wayfinder Schools, and Sexual Assault Support Services of Mid Coast Maine. Appreciation was expressed for Nancy’s work on this annual report.
We ended our meeting with the sharing of prayer requests and learning of updates from past requests.
In peace, Martha Hinshaw Sheldon, recorder.

Woman’s Society Notes, July 15, 2019

by Martha Sheldon

Woman’s Society met on July 15 at the home of Helen Clarkson.  Theresa Oleksiw brought us an inspiring and insightful program on her leading to improve the amount and approach to food stamp programs for those in need.  The average food stamp amount is $3.00 a day, which is an amount set back in the 1950s. With the help of a NEYM Legacy grant and Portland Friends Meeting she is working on a book of stories and experiences, and to lobby for better programs and lead awareness and support workshops.  She asked the group to reflect on what we think and believe about food stamps.  Theresa’s program was greatly appreciated by the group for the insights and awareness gained.

     In business, the minutes and treasurer’s report were read and approved, along with a discussion on our monthly Tedford meals. We ended our time together with a most delightful table of refreshments made by Helen and Joyce and lively conversations following up on the topics presented earlier.

Woman’s Society Report, June, 2019

Nine women met at the home of Dorothy and Ed Hinshaw for a delightful tea prepared by Dorothy and served by Ed. The only thing missing was a white cloth over Ed’s arm. All expressed great appreciation for the tea and fellowship.

Jo-an Jacobus brought the program reading and walked us through an article written by Pam Nafula, a Kenyan with a heart for ministry in Tanzania. The message was based on Lamentations 3 and encouraged us to move forward with faithfulness and endurance despite obstacles.

In our business meeting we signed cards to be sent out to those in need of encouragement and held two of our larger community in prayer —– John Muhanji of the African FUM office and another who has been revisited with cancer, along with Kat Langelier, who will be having cataract surgery soon.

Our work with Tedford meals was discussed and changes suggested will be discussed further next month.

Dorothy Curtis and Marian Baker shared stories on their trip last weekend to Quebec to visit with a Swahili- speaking Quaker women’s worship group. Slides from this trip will be shared at our July meeting.

Marian Baker closed our meeting with a sung prayer of thanks, hope, and blessings. Our next meeting is July 15 at Helen Clarkson’s home. All invited!

— Martha Hinshaw Sheldon

Woman’s Society Meeting, May 20, 2019

Seven women gathered together at the home of Martha Hinshaw Sheldon on the 20th of May.  After signing cards to be sent out for encouragement and birthdays Kat Langelier brought the program.  She invited us to look at how we welcome children into our meeting.  This conversation was inspired by a concern shared from Kathleen Wooten, a traveling Friend within New England Yearly Meeting.  Kathleen had visited meetings that were discouraging to children being in Meeting for worship.  How can we be welcoming to all?  How can we creatively imagine ways to be with differing opinions about worship?  How can we be careful not to unintentionally alienate others?  How can we elder nicely? 

Business matters.  Minutes were read and approved.  Treasures report was given and accepted with appreciation.  Prayers were shared for Oscar Mmgali, a Kenyan who recently started ministry work in Belize.  Tedford meals were discussed to make sure all is well.  All officers renewed their positions for the next year:  President – Dorothy Curtis, Treasurer – Nancy Marstaller, Recording clerk – Martha Hinshaw Sheldon, Cards ministry – Margaret Wentworth and Vice President – Kitsie Hildebrandt.  The June meeting will be at Dorothy Hinshaw’s home at 5:00 with Jo-an Jacobus giving the program.  If you are interested in carpooling meet at the Meeting parking lot at around 4 to drive to Sumner. 

We closed with a poem on Kind hearts and a moment of silence. 

Humbly submitted by Martha Hinshaw Sheldon

Woman’s Society Notes, February 2019

By Martha Hinshaw Sheldon

            Eight women gathered in the home of Clarabel Marstaller on Monday evening, February 18. Appreciation was expressed for those who ventured out in the snowy weather. Devotions were read from an article Mimi Marstaller wrote in The Blueprints on unending learning and God’s faithfulness.  All shared from their own experiences further enriching the discussion. The treasurer reported that $200 was earned from the silent auction held recently at the meetinghouse.  Practicalities of the monthly Tedford meals were discussed.  (Tedford meals are meals that many in the greater community put together and take to Tedford Adult Shelter for those staying in the shelter.  If you are interested in knowing more talk to Dorothy Curtis, president of Woman’s Society.)

            After devotions and business discussions we continued sharing informally and enjoying refreshments provided by Clarabel and Nancy Marstallar.  

Report of the Woman’s Society Meeting, December 17, 2018

By Angie Reed

Eight women met at the Meetinghouse for our December Meeting. The program was presented by Angie Reed on “How do we keep Christ in Christmas?” from the Blueprint book for 2017-2018.

The secretary and treasurer reports were presented by Nancy Marstaller and accepted.

Prayers were requested for Muna Khleifi from the Amari Play Center. The Tedford meal for November was corn chowder, shepherd’s pie, a large green salad, and a desert.

Christmas bags were prepared and distributed for delivery. The donations from the Mitten Tree were totaled. Donated were 3 scarfs, 14 hats, 3 pairs of children’s mittens, 5 pairs of adult mittens, and 15 pairs of adult gloves. The warm items for cold weather were donated to Hope Haven in Lewiston.

It was decided that we will have a silent auction prior to our January meeting on January 21. The January meeting will be held at the Meetinghouse at 6pm, more details will follow.


Woman’s Society Report, November 19, 2018

By Nancy Marstaller

Six “hardy souls” met at Dorothy Curtis’ home. We sent cards to several folk.

Dorothy Curtis led the business meeting. The November Tedford Shelter meal included chili, hot dogs, and macaroni salad. The December meal will be provided by Margaret Wentworth’s team. The treasurer’s report was read and accepted. We have $1484.85, with $1000 set aside for travel to the next Triennial. We approved sending $150 to Warm Thy Neighbor and $65 to USFW-NE for dues. We did not do a collection for the Kickapoo Friends Center this fall but will consider doing it this winter or perhaps supporting a Maine Native American group.

We agreed we would collect items for a mitten tree and for Christmas boxes. We will ask that donations be brought by Dec. 16, the day before our next meeting. We will also have a “home-made” gift exchange at that meeting.

We are asked to pray for Shawn and Katrina McConaughey of the Friends United Meeting office in Kaimosi, Kenya, and also for Getry Agizah, head of the East Africa Friends Church Peace Team, whose son recently died. We signed cards for them also.

We reviewed a proposal for a North East Region USFW. No consensus was reached.

Margaret led the program, reading from the current issue of the Advocate. She read many suggestions on ways to increase support and connections for Friends United Meeting and other Friends workers, including sending cards. That prompted us to send cards as well as prayers to the above folk.

Our December meeting will be on December 17 at the meetinghouse with Kat Langelier as hostess. Angie will lead the devotions and program. We will compile Christmas boxes and sort donations to the mitten tree, as well as have our own gift exchange.

We enjoyed Dorothy’s delicious apple crisp and other treats before heading home.

Donation Requests: Mittens! Legos! Christmas Boxes!

Mitten Tree!

By Nancy Marstaller

The Woman’s Society is collecting new or gently used hats, scarves, mittens, and gloves, which will be donated to local places (such as Head Start or homeless shelters) to warm those in need. Please pin your items to the mitten tree hanging in the vestry on or before December 16. Thanks for your help!

Lego Blocks!

by Wendy Schlotterbeck

Friends, do you have some Lego blocks that are looking for a good home? Some kids and youth at Durham Meeting are finding Legos to be good way of building community and would appreciate a few more!

Christmas “Boxes”

By Nancy Marstaller

The Woman’s Society is collecting items for small boxes (or bags) to give to those we especially think of this season but don’t see as often as we’d like. Please bring donations for the boxes to the Meetinghouse by December 16. Items such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, dried fruit, warm socks, pens and pencils, and calendars are appreciated. Thanks for your help!

Woman’s Society Report, October 15, 2018 Meeting

By Angie Reed

On the date above, 9 women gathered at the Meetinghouse for our first meeting of this year. The program was presented by Kitsie Hildebrandt from this year’s Blueprint Program book. The programs this year center around the theme “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. This month’s program was written by Leuola Beck and was titled “An Unwanted Journey: Our Walk Through Dementia”. In the program, Leuola speaks about her role as caregiver for her husband who had been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia. We all shared our feelings and experiences caring for loved ones in their later years. What a wonderful group this is…

In business, the card ministry was completed. Prayers were requested for the Amari Play center. The Treasurer report was reviewed and accepted. We reviewed the eat out we had in September. There were 15 people in attendance at Thai’s Cuisine restaurant in Topsham. People enjoyed moving the eat out from August to September and felt that it was an easier time to attend. The new time for Woman’s Society meeting was also discussed; people seem to like the earlier time of 6 pm for the meetings. Tedford meals were discussed. The September meal fell on Labor Day and the team decided to host a barbecue at the shelter. It was very well received. The team lists need to be modified. Angie has been working on this but will give the list to Kitsie to work on the final changes. We ended the meeting with a reading by Dorothy Curtis, wonderful food and hugs all around.

Our next meeting will be on Monday, November 19 at 6pm at Dorothy Curtis’s home. All are welcome to attend.

Woman’s Society Dinner, September 17. 2018

The Woman’s Society met for dinner on Monday, September 17 at the Thai’s Cuisine Restaurant in Topsham with fifteen Friends attending. The only business conducted was fellowship and enjoyment of good food with good friends. Appreciation goes out to Theresa Oleksiw for her choice of restaurant.

Jo-an Jacobus, a grateful and well-fed attender of the meeting