Woman’s Society Hybrid Meeting Minutes, December 19, 2022

Present: Dorothy Curtis, President, Susan Gilbert, Secretary, Kim Bolshaw

Card Ministry: Kim will send cards.

Program and Devotions: Dorothy read the illustrated children’s book “Three Wise Women,” by Mary Hoffman, a retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth.  Three women are drawn to follow star and moon light, meet each other on the road to the manger, and bring gifts to the child.

Treasurer’s Report: No report this month.

Minutes: Susan read the minutes from our November 21 meeting.

Next Meeting: January 15, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

Prayers: For Friends.

Tedford Meal: Team A provided mac and cheese with ham, salad greens, rolls, cookies and ice cream.  Team B will bring the meal January 2, 2023. Tedford Meal Teams would appreciate contributions of food or donations toward the meal.  Tedford Teams and their leader’s name and phone number will be posted at the Meeting House.

Other Business: We hope that the Woman’s Society will meet regularly at the Meeting House. We would like to continue the tradition of the Christmas gift exchange, and revive the tradition of sending birthday cards to missionaries in the field.  We remembered the passing around of Margaret Wentworth’s purple clipboard after meetings with cards to be signed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Gilbert, Secretary

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