Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends Minutes of May 20, 2012

The meeting opened at 12:30 p.m. with 17 people present. Clerk Edwin Hinshaw opened with a reading
from Thomas Kelly’s Testament of Devotion (page 124, “Life from the Center”).
1. It was noted that dear Friend, and member, Macy Whitehead passed away on May 16th. A service to
celebrate his life will be held at the Phippsburg Center Church on Friday, May 25th
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2. Daphne Clement read a memorial minute for Barbara (Bobbie) Jordan. The minute was accepted with
appreciation. The minute will be published and forwarded to Falmouth Quarterly Meeting.
3. Leslie Manning will be traveling this summer with a concern for our sisters and brothers in Indiana
and Western Yearly Meetings. She requested a travel minute from Durham. It was approved that the Clerks
will write a travel minute, which will be sent on to New England Yearly Meeting.
4. Sarah Sprogell reported for the Ad-Hoc Fundraising Committee. The committee sees as its task ways
to address the operational budget and has planned a presentation as a part of meeting for worship, which
will happen May 27. The need to replenish the capital fund will be addressed in the autumn. The Meeting
accepted the report.
5. Katharine Hildebrandt brought the Treasurer Report for April. The total General Fund Income for
March was $7,191.32 and the Expenditures were $4,661.65. The year-to-date finances for the Operational
Fund shows that Income for January 1 – April 30 period was $20,074.22 and the Expenses were $21,760.48.
This means we are running a deficit of $1,686.26 for this four-month period for the Operational Budget.
(This does not include the $22,600 parsonage heating system, which was a capital expense in the General
Fund.) Her report was accepted with gratitude.
6. Dorothy Hinshaw reported for Christian Education. Children’s Day will be held on June 3rd.
Meeting youth will prepare a breakfast for all and will conduct the whole service that morning. The youth
group is requesting a second offering that day for the United Society of Friends Women International
Children and Youth Project. This request was approved. Gift certificates will be given to the Meeting’s
graduates. They are Mitch Newlin, Jessica Sheldon, Reeve Wood, Erik Brooks and Katherine Perkins. An
evaluation of the Youth Minister is in process.
7. Nancy Marstaller reported for Ministry and Counsel. Nancy is now Clerk and Phyllis Wetherell is
now recording clerk. Christian Education, Library Committee, Ministry and Counsel and Peace and
Social Concerns are all now a part of the children’s story rotation.
Scott Barksdale has researched a Sound System (that includes hanging microphones) that should meet
the needs of everyone in meeting. It will have earphones for anyone needing receiver assistance. The total
cost of this system will be between $1,600 and $1,760. Scott and Joe Godleski will install the system and
Scott will help to maintain it and be our contact person for questions. The Woman’s Society is ready to
provide the funds for this up to $2000. This proposal was approved. We are very grateful that a sound
system will finally be happening.
8. Daphne Clement gave her pastor’s report. The contemplative prayer and reading groups that have
been meeting mid-week through the year will be laid down for the summer. Her report was received with
Minutes of the meeting were approved during the meeting.
The Meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m. with a period of worship.
Respectfully submitted,
Susan Rice

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