Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, January 15, 2023 (Draft)

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, January 15, 2023, with 9 people attending from the Meetinghouse and 6 by Zoom.

1.     Meeting Opening

Clerk opened meeting with a moment of silent preparation                                                

2.     Review Agenda

        Clerk reviewed the agenda.

3.     Approval of Minutes of December 2023 — Ellen Bennett

                  Minutes were approved.

4.     Ministry and Counsel — Renee Cote, Tess Hartford

Meeting Care Coordinator (MCC)

The Meeting Care Coordinator position description was read. Pastoral Care, which had been an MCC responsibility in the job description written for the new MCC position 2+ years ago, was removed and will remain solely with M&C.

Clerk noted that members were supportive of the description, but not yet clear for approval. Review and approval of the MCC position will be taken up again at the next monthly meeting for business (February).

Members were asked to think about those who should be on the MCC supervisory committee.

Members approved the description of the Search Committee for the MCC. Clerks are asked to ask members of their committees to consider serving on the MCC search committee.

The MCC job description will be attached to the minutes for distribution.

Proposal for Technology for the Meetinghouse

Clerk asked committee Clerks to review the proposal submitted by Craig Freshley regarding tech support for the Meeting. Clerk noted especially the gratitude we all feel towards Craig for helping to set up the technology that allows us to attend meeting via Zoom. The proposal Craig submitted will be taken up at the February meeting for Business.

Request was made to hold M&C members in the light, with gratitude for all of the work they have taken on.

5.     Trustees — Sarah Sprogell

Sarah Sprogell summarized the annual report submitted for this meeting. The report was submitted for information.

Clerk shared tremendous gratitude for the care given and attention paid by the Trustees for the meetinghouse and cemeteries, as well as stewarding the gifts that this Meeting has been given. Trustees have, in this way, supported the entire Durham Monthly Meeting community.

Doug Bennett reviewed a financial summary of the costs to maintain the Meetinghouse and grounds over time. He noted especially the difference between capital and operating costs, and offered ways to think about finding the funds for on-going capital expenses.

Concern was expressed for the number of members who read and understand reports like this — those distributed in advance of Monthly Meeting for Business. The reports are important. Clerk noted that 5th Sundays may be used for listening sessions around particular topics of concern and could address this concern.

The suggestion was made to take 10 minutes of a future Business Meeting to take a “tour” of the DFM website so that all may know where to find important material.

M&C is asked to take on the scheduling of 5th Sundays, including a session on our values and leadings and how those are reflected in the spending of funds.

The Meeting expressed it gratitude for the transparency that both the Finance Committee and Trustees have given with respect to the Meeting’s finances.

6.     Peace and Social Concerns — Ingrid Chalufour

A verbal update was given. Items to note include a letter to go to Brunswick Town Council regarding re/naming of the 250th Anniversary Park. Wendy Schlotterbeck will be meeting with the committee regarding settlement of refugees in our community. The committee is also seeking advice from the Wabanaki about ways to support their sovereignty. The committee is delighted that teachers involved in the Social Justice Enrichment Project will be gathering in person in the Meetinghouse to discuss their work.

7.     Proposed Minute from Falmouth Quarterly Meeting                              

Clerk is not necessarily asking for approval of this minute, which will be approved by Quarterly Meeting at the end of January. The minute did not arrive in enough time for deep consideration. Clerk read the minute, which is attached.

            Members approved and unite with the minute.                                                        

Clerk noted that when federal legislation was submitted to allow Wabanaki tribes in Maine to qualify for future federal programs. it was opposed by our U.S.Senators,  They wanted the matter to involve the State and the tribes directly. We continue to support these efforts.

8.     Representatives to Falmouth Quarterly Meeting 1/28/23

Clerk asked for those interested in attending Falmouth Quarterly Meeting. Mey Hasbrook and Kim Bolshaw indicated their interest.

Members approved and Mey and Kim were appointed as our representatives to Falmouth Quarter on January 28.     

9.     Communications Update                                                                                                    

The Committee Clerk noted that the committee is transitioning at the moment, and working to clarify different processes, including those for distributing the Newsletter and posting Friends’ Notes.

To aid in this work the Committee intends to establish a “new” email address that is particular to the Communications Committee, thus freeing personal email addresses of committee members.

The Committee will put together guidelines for Friends’ Notes, and other forms of communication, which will be included in the Meeting Handbook.

There was a question about the committee composition which was referred to the Nominating Committee for clarification.

New Business


10.   Correspondence — Leslie Manning

In closing, Clerk read a letter of thanks from a new recipient of DFM funds: QUNO (Quaker United Nations Office) in NYC.

Respectfully submitted, Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk


23.01.15 Agenda for Meeting For Business- Proposed.pdf

23.01.15 M&C Report.pdf

23.01.03 Durham Friends In-Meeting Audio Options.pdf

23.01.15 MCC position proposed.pdf

23.01.15 Trustees Annual Report 2022.pdf

23.01.15 Proposed FQM Minute on Tribal Sovereignty.pdf

Materials for Durham Friends Business Meeting, January 15, 2023

Reports, Proposals and Other Materials are posted here.

Proposed Agenda for Meeting for Business, 1/15/2023

Opening Worship

Review Agenda

Approval of Minutes from December 18, 2022 Meeting for Business

Ministry and Counsel Report

    Meeting Care Coordinator

    Tech Support and Amplification (review only)

Trustees Annual Report

Peace and Social Concerns Update

Proposed Minute from Falmouth Quarter

Communications Update


New Business

Appoint Representatives to Falmouth Quarterly Meeting 1/28/23

Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, December 18, 2022

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, December 18, 2022, with 9 people attending from the Meetinghouse and 6 attending by Zoom

1.     Meeting Opening

Clerk opened the meeting with a few moments silent worship. The agenda was reviewed with the addition of the approval of the November minutes.                                                                                                              

2.     Approval of Minutes of November 2022 — Ellen Bennett

            Minutes were approved with two small corrections.

3.     Nominating Committee — Linda Muller

The slate of committee members for the coming year was distributed. Leslie Manning agreed to continue to serve as Clerk through 2023, and left the meeting while this recommendation was discussed.

            Members approved.

It was noted that Leslie had asked for a co-Clerk this past year. The Nominating Committee has been exploring this, but no one has come forward. Nominating Committee will continue to keep this on their agenda.

Members of all standing committees were reviewed. It was noted that Nancy Marstaller’s name should be added to the Tech Support Team. 

Sarah Sprogell shared that she has felt called to step down as Auditor, and announced this intention.

Clerk noted that additional suggestions might be made by email as well.

The Meeting membership wishes honor those who have contributed their time and expertise by serving on Durham Monthly Meeting Committees, and taking on individual roles to assist the Meeting in its work.

4.     Ministry and Counsel — Tess Hartford, Renee Cote

The request was made to re-introduce after-meeting refreshments, beginning with liquid refreshment only, based on protocols introduced at Portland Friends Meeting. The suggestion was made that the air purifiers could be moved to the Gathering Room after meeting for worship. Trustees will work on the logistics of moving the air purifiers.

Members approved.

5.     Finance Committee — Sarah Sprogell

The draft 2023 budget was updated from last month’s reading. Expenses exceed income as in the previous draft, a result of keeping expense lines for hiring a Meeting Care Coordinator and/or Youth Minister.

      Members approved the 2023 budget.

Helen Clarkson left a bequest of $5,000 to be used at the Meeting’s discretion. It is currently in our checking account. Traditionally, we tithe 10% of any gift to add to the Charity Account, which in this case would be $500. The Finance Committee recommends adding $2,000 to the Charity Account. The remaining $3,000 of the bequest would remain in our General Account. Requests for funds from the Charity Account have been infrequent, but in the last four years, several gifts of $1,000 have been distributed. With this in mind, the Committee thought this would be a good opportunity to bring the total in the Charity Account to over $10,000.

      Members approved.

6.     Request for Funding                                                                                 

A special request for funding was brought forward to support the work of local organizations in the Lewiston-Auburn area with refugee and asylum-seeker housing. Clerk noted the definition of an Emergency Request from Meeting handbook: the request does not need to be seasoned for 2 meetings.

Finance and Peace & Social Concerns have been in conversation about this request for over a month. A total of $5000 is being requesting for the Immigrant Resource Center of Maine ($3,500) and to the Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services ($1,500). These are small and important organizations that are often overlooked when funding is distributed from other sources. The suggestion was made for funds to be used by each organization as it sees fit.

The Finance Committee looked to various funding sources as they considered this request, as it is larger than usual. The Committee recommends we use the Bernice Douglas fund, which is capable of meeting the request amount.

       Members approved.

With thanks to those who brought this to our attention and care.

7.     Trustees Report — Sarah Sprogell

        Report was submitted to update members. Nothing for approval.                                       

8.     Peace and Social Concerns — Ingrid Chalufour

Oral report given to update membership. Noted particularly was the capital campaign for Tedford Housing, with encouragement to members to give their support.

9.     New Business

Christmas Eve service is scheduled for 4:00 p.m., with Leslie Manning serving as tech support, Jo-an Jacobus as Care of Worship leader, and Kim Bolshaw taking care of heat!

Clerk closed the meeting for business with an expression of tremendous gratitude for the Meeting, the health of the budget, for the work of so many members. Clerk read a thank-you letter from Ellis Noetzel, for the Meeting’s assistance in sending her to Friends Camp this past summer.

The meeting ended with silent worship.

Respectfully submitted, Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk


Attachments for DMM 22.12.18

Materials for Durham Friends Meeting Business Meeting, December 18, 2022

Reports, Proposals and Other Materials are posted here.

Proposed Agenda for Meeting for Business, 11/20/22

Open with worship

Approval of Minutes, December 18, 2022

Nominating Committee

Requires 1 approval

Minute of Appreciation

Ministry and Counsel

Requires 1 approval

Finance Committee

Budget requires approval

Recommendation requires approval

Trustees Report

Peace and Social Concerns

New Business:

Request for Funding

Closing Worship

Request for Funding

Closing Worship

Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2022

corrected and approved, December 18, 2022

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, November 20, 2022, with 10 people attending from the Meetinghouse and 5 by Zoom.

1.     Meeting Opening

Clerk opened the meeting with a reading from 1985 Faith and Practice, 11th month queries on social responsibility, which served to reinforce this morning’s message, as well as reflections on Thanksgiving.                        

2.     Approval of Minutes of October 19, 2022 — Ellen Bennett

                 Minutes were approved as presented, with thanks.

3.     Peace and Social Concerns — Ingrid Chalufour

Ingrid read the Peace and Social Concerns report to update Meeting members. The committee has been active! Clerk noted that Meeting has not been collaborating with the Friends Committee on Maine Public Policy, and urges members to pay attention to their work, specifically as it relates to the Wabanaki.

Clerk also noted that Cush Anthony is rotating off as our representative to the Maine Council of Churches, with deep appreciation for his service.

4.     Finance Committee — Nancy Marstaller

Nancy noted that this is the first reading of the 2023 budget. A deficit budget was presented for the first time due to the following: With respect to expenses, salaries for both a Meeting Care Coordinator and a Youth Minister are included. With respect to income, weekly contributions have been down this year, as well as automatic deposits as a result of a decrease in membership. There were no comments or questions, so the budget will come before the Meeting in December for approval.

5.     Trustees Report — Sarah Sprogell

The Trustees report was presented to update members on their work. Clerk referenced the discussions Meeting has had about joining a solar farm and asked if Trustees might be able to continue to explore this. Trustees have the issue on their long-term agenda, but also requested that if anyone is looking into solar farms for their home, and have done some research, that they be willing to lend a hand to Trustees. Great thanks was expressed to Trustees for all of their work.

6.     Ministry and Counsel — Renee Cote, Tess Hartford

The report presented updates for members. Noted particularly was the benefit of the special called meeting and its value to members. Regarding clarification of tasks for a Meeting Care Coordinator, the job description is and continues to be developed by M&C and will be brought forward to Monthly Meeting. More discernment will follow.

In addition, M&C stated the Meeting’s commitment to holding a Christmas Eve service.

7.     Nominating Committee — Linda Muller

Jo-an Jacobus was brought forward for Library Committee for a 3-year term.

                Members approved.

Dan Henton is to continue to serve on Trustees for one year. This would be an exception as he has already served 2 terms. Dan’s service will return for approval in 2023.

                Members approved.

Mey Hasbrook was brought forward to serve on M&C for a 3-year term, beginning January 2023.

                Members approved.                                                                                              

Ellen Bennett to serve as Recording Clerk for 2023.

                Members approved.

Susan Gilbert was brought forward to serve on the Events Committee (a sub-committee of Christian Education).

                Members approved.

David Dexter will continue to assist Margaret Copeland with LACO responsibilities

Kristna Evans was brought forward to serve on Velasco Sister City Committee, a joint committee with Portland Friends Meeting.

                Members approved.

The Committee continues to seek a Meeting co-Clerk, as well as a monitor for cemetery funds. Member is currently in discernment about joining Finance Committee.

Clerk noted that the challenge of finding Meeting members and attenders to serve on committees is common among many Meetings. Clerk went on to say that the Meeting as a whole will continue to look for ways to find committee members to carry out our important work. The recommendation was made to have another called meeting to explore ways forward.

New Business

8.     Request from Velasco Sister City Committee.

The Committee is asking for donations for those who are traveling to Cuba. A collection box and a list of needed items will be in the Gathering Room. The request was made to post the list on-line. 

                The Meeting approved the collection of donations or supplies to be taken to Cuba.

9.     Youth Account Proposal — Wendy Schlotterbeck

Clerk read the proposal for transferring remaining funds in the Youth Account. Wendy requested that the funds be transferred to Peace & Social Concerns for the Social Justice Enrichment Project. The recommendation will be handed over to the Finance Committee for seasoning. The Finance Committee will return with the 2023 budget for review and approval in December.

                Members approved.

With no other items to come before the meeting, Clerk asked for a moment of silent worship and thanksgiving.

Respectfully submitted, Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

Attachments (available here):

Proposed Agenda

Minutes from October Meeting for Business

Peace and Social Concerns Report

Trustees Report

Ministry and Counsel Report

Nominating Committee Report

Finance Committee Proposed Budget for 2023 (first reading)

Youth Account Proposal

Notes from Listening Session (Called Meeting), October 30, 2022

On October 30, 2022, Durham Friends Meeting held a facilitated listening session to consider how we have felt after five years of being a pastorless meeting. In the first half of the session we reflected on what brought each of us to DFM and what keeps us coming back; in the second half, what we see for DFM moving forward. No decisions were made. Ministry & Counsel will consider the thoughts expressed today and report back. — Renee Cote

Comments are paraphrased.

First half

Leslie: Everyone has a story. I attended a church supper at a vital Presbyterian church, whose mission is motivated by Matthew 25 and which has effective outreach. I encountered a woman who told me she came to DFM in the 80s, single and pregnant, and how much she appreciated our support. Her beliefs aren’t necessarily my beliefs but we were there for her.


Linda: I knew I was a Quaker from attending other meetings. I came to DFM and heard a sermon by Ralph Greene. I was not used to programmed meeting and found it a little disappointing. But I felt the spiritual community and it was a good place to bring my children. I keep coming for the sense of spiritual community. I would like more multigenerational events.

Kim: I came to DFM for the wonderful dinners. It was close by and my kids could meet persons of all ages in a relaxed setting. I kept coming because the community felt genuine. I had no religious background or training. I have learned a lot and received much support.

David: I was raised an evangelical Baptist. I studied Quaker writers in college. I then went to an Episcopal church and I liked the quiet. I was confirmed but began to have doubts about the theatrical aspects of the service. I kept a journal 50 years ago while working on Mt. Washington and wrote that inside I felt like a Quaker. I felt affirmed by my contact with Clarabel although I continued as an Episcopalian until six or seven years ago. Friends have meant so much and I feel like DFM is the best of both worlds (programmed/unprogrammed). I feel that the Quaker ladies in the walls are still speaking to us. Jonathan Vogel-Bourne affirmed that I have always been a Quaker and said, “Welcome home.”

Martha: I came to DFM with my parents. I have wandered and experienced many kinds of meetings and worship. I appreciate the hybrid nature of worship at DFM.

Ann: Pastor Stephen (last name?) invited single persons who were attending DFM to dinners at the parsonage. He reached out to us. I transferred from Brunswick to Durham. I was more active but physical circumstances now keep me away. I feel a connection to people here and a sense of belonging.

Leslie: I came because I was invited. I was feeling anger at God and wanted to work on that relationship. Childless people can find it hard to make connections. At the time DFM had a food distribution program for persons of all income levels. Tommie Frye asked for my help moving boxes and Sarah invited me in. This community offered safe space and safe harbor from damage from other religions. Durham helps healing.

Doug: I am a convinced Friend. I’ve had experience of a wide variety of unprogrammed meeting, including Philadelphia with its meaningful worship. When I moved to Maine I wanted to join Brunswick but eventually felt there was not enough of the spiritual life I needed in a small meeting with little vocal ministry. I came to DFM and enjoyed the rich voices and the pastor. Doug Gwynn followed . . . I know that God is with us and people are feeling that and acting upon it.

Ingrid: Doug brought me. I identified as a Quaker and I had come to the point where I wanted more spiritual nourishment. Doug recommended DFM. I found spiritual nourishment and liked the messages. I enjoyed the varied voices. I have found a place to practice spirit here. Sukie recommended me for Peace and Social Concerns and I’ve stayed there.

Wendy: I visited DFM with my family in 1992. I had been in another faith community and in 2003 I wanted a change. Sunday morning church was a given in our family and my children wanted to come here. They were welcomed. In 2008 I became a member and then youth minister. I figured out the Quaker structure. The kids gave life. Climate and racial justice is my passion and I have received support from the MM, QM, and YM. I have met some wonderful people and I love this community very much.

Tess: I was born and raised Catholic. I came to Quakerism after the pastor at St. John’s in Brunswick with whom I had a close spiritual connection was rotated out. When I came to Durham I had had a bad faith group experience. Sukie invited me here 35 years ago. I have often felt like an outlier but I fit in here. I believe that small is beautiful and it’s how we make connections. A small group offers the intimacy for spiritual growth. I have been taught to listen deeply in this spiritual home.

Cush: I became a Quaker in 1967 through a college girlfriend in Virginia Beach Meeting. Later with my first wife I became a member of Portland Meeting for ten years. After divorce I began attending Allen Avenue Unitarian along with my second wife.  It was a good experience. Upon her death I went back to my Quaker roots. With my present wife I came to DFM. It has taken some time over the past three years to get used to a semiprogrammed meeting. I wanted to belong to a church in my geographical community, as community is defined these days. I still feel a little outside but I am integrating.

Second half—What would we like to see, what do we see? Should we hold conversations with those who aren’t here regularly? What do we do well, what can we do better?

Linda: We provide a safe space. We are here every Sunday even with small numbers. Our meeting is important for those needing healing or seeking mentorship.

Mey: I hear Leslie question where are we growing and where are we resisting. I have considered my expectations around meeting versus what happens in life. I’ve had varied experiences with Friends in different places. I chose DFM over Portland or Washington state. We are growing in love and compassion and after feeling discomfort. My interaction with Bob Eaton has become affirming, for example. I experience the prompting of spirit and love to help, and I experience love from meeting.

Dan: I was born into this church and I had to come here. I was assigned to pick up Mildred and I dreaded it at first but it became something I looked forward to. I enjoyed hearing her story. We developed a friendship outside of our usual roles. I did her good. Why would someone want to join DFM? To do some good for everyone here.

Cush: This has been a wonderful session and chance to sit down and share. I hope for more opportunities like this.

Tess: What are we doing well? We should give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have gone through. Tech has helped us to continue. Do we appreciate that we have been able to gather? As a member of M&C I have grown beyond what I thought was my comfort level.

Some people genuinely wanted to figure out how to bring technology into meeting and others feared it would change meeting. We can now choose how to be here, Zoom or in person. I’m happy I could paint the beautiful wall to see everyone on.

Ann: Like Tess I am grateful for Zoom even though I don’t like it. Covid has been hard with many losses of people. I feel part of meeting even though not there physically.

Sarah: We are good at being welcoming. I felt welcomed even as an outsider. I bonded with people I felt were the opposite of me in some ways. I learned from the elders’ forbearance, and to allow space while clerking. The elders modeled that love when we disagree. There’s been an enormous transition here at DFM and a chaotic world. So this is a test.

It’s hard when we’re not in unity. Some more listening sessions would help us hear each other. This creates good roots to help in addressing difficult issues.

Kim: I agree that we are very good at making space, being willing to listen, being sincere when it’s not easy. I have many opportunities to speak about Friends in the outside community. We need more ways to share our message of kindness, joy and love.

Leslie: With the passing of some members I’ve had a chance to see how our values of love and tolerance get transferred and passed into families. People react deeply to being in this space that feels like home. People feel seen and held. 

Can we draw some people back, those who keep up their membership or get the newsletter? How do we maintain the outer circle? To attract young families can we go to the families and offer our help? Some are adrift, how to help? Those who are carrying burdens or have the patterns of their lives change, can we release them? How should we nourish our roots?

Sarah: It would be beneficial to have future listening sessions, and useful to gather at intervals to check in where we are.

Mey: There are meetings for healing on the first Thursday of the next two months through Portland Meeting, at DFM in person or through Zoom.

Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, October 16, 2022

1.     Meeting Opening

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, October 16, 2022, with 7 people attending from the Meetinghouse and 6 by Zoom.

Clerk opened the meeting with a moment of silent centering.                                             

2.     Review Agenda — Leslie Manning

Clerk reviewed the agenda, and asked if anything else needed to be added. There was nothing to add.    

3.     Approval of September Minutes — Ellen Bennett

Two paragraphs included with the Trustees Report in the September 19 minutes were not part of the report. These paragraphs will be moved to “Other Important Items of Note”.

       With this change, the minutes were approved.

4.     Ministry and Counsel — Renee Cote, Tess Hartford

       With no written report, the Ministry and Counsel report was read aloud.

               The Tommy Frye Memorial Minute was read.

       This minute was approved, with appreciation and thanks.                                           

Clerk read a Letter of introduction in support of Kim Bolshaw joining the NEYM/Puente de Amigos trip to Cuba in February 2023

       The Meeting approved the letter.

5.     Trustees — Sarah Sprogell

The “Draft Rental Information for use of the Meetinghouse” was brought forward for a second reading and approval. Question: Does “rent” for use of the Meetinghouse have ramifications for the Finance Committee or budget? The feeling was that it should not. Note that worship room capacity is approximately 200. Ministry and Counsel may want to address the issue of COVID capacity.

       Meeting approved the rental information document.

A contractor has been hired to remove the old heating units and oil tanks. The work will take place during the week of October 24.

6.     Finance Committee — Nancy Marstaller

The following items were highlighted in the finance report: Weekly contributions are lower than last year at this time. There have been fewer committee requests, and contributions to other organizations remain on par.

Included in the budget is a section on Capital Expenses, which occur outside the regular operating budget.

Information about donations to the Lunt Cemetery from the Clarkson family was explained, as was donations for support of the trip to Cuba.

6a.   The Woman’s Society brought back its request for support to assist in the rebuilding of the Lindi School in Nairobi, Kenya, for the amount of $500 from the Charity account.

       The Meeting approved the Lindi School request.

7.     Peace and Social Concerns — Ingrid Chalufour

There was no written report. The Committee is planning on developing a relationship with the Midcoast Indigenous Awareness Group. The Committee ls also working with the Cathance River Education Alliance (CREA) to bring speakers in the spring to address carbon sequestration, as well as indigenous land practices that work to support and preserve the natural world. The Committee’s book project is now working with 11 teachers across 4 schools, and doing very well.

8.     New Business

Meeting as received three requests for membership. Clerk read the request letter from Ezra Smith. With approval, Ministry and Counsel will set up a clearness committee.

               The Meeting heartily approved Ezra’s request.                                                            

Clerk read the request letters from Vladimir Shatalov and Elina Shatalova. These friends live in Bridgton. M&C had a preliminary conversation about their applications and several agreed, with Meeting approval, to be a part of the process of bringing them in to membership, including driving to Bridgeton if necessary.

It was noted with joy that feeling the pull to join Meeting via Zoom is a sign of things to come, and very exciting. What do we think of “virtual” membership? Meeting agreed there are some things to consider around this issue.

The Meeting approved the request for the formation of a clearness committee for Vladimir and Elina.

There will be follow-up with Sue Woods’ family regarding the particulars of her memorial service.

Quarterly Meeting was held at Durham Friends on Saturday, and Clerk expressed deep appreciation both for the gathering itself and for the warmth and welcome of our Meetinghouse.

Clerk closed the meeting with a moment of silent reflection.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

Attachments Here

Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, September 18, 2022

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, September 18, 2022, with 9 people attending from the Meetinghouse and 7 by Zoom.

1.     Meeting Opening

Clerk asked for a moment of silent centering, ending with a reading in honor of Tommy Frye, written by Ralph Green: “A Gift of Freedom and Justice.” The reading was gratefully received.

Friends reviewed the agenda.                                                                                               

2.     Approval of Minutes of July 17, 2022 — Ellen Bennett

        Recording Clerk read the minutes.

               Meeting approved.                                                                                                        

3.     Nominating Committee Report — Linda Muller

Since there are no nominations for Treasurer coming forward, we will not need a called meeting in October.

The Committee is bringing Leslie Manning forward to serve as Clerk of Meeting beginning September through December 2022. Leslie is in discernment about serving as Clerk for 2022-2023, and would like a co-Clerk for this time period, someone who might be interested in rising to the position of Clerk.

               Meeting is delighted that Leslie is willing to serve. All approved.

Christian Education has not reconvened. The Committee will reconvene if there are families in need. In others meetings, there is a kit available so that if and when children are present, there is an activity available for them to engage in. Wendy agreed to look into creating such a kit.

The Ad Hoc Committee for use of parsonage funds has not met. Nominating Committee recommends this Committee be laid down. The issue of use of parsonage funds will be considered by the Meeting as a whole.

The Committee looked at the needs of the Meeting as a whole for committee work. In the coming months, it is likely that the openings on committees will outnumber the people we have to fill those positions. This is a concern.

4.     Ministry and Counsel — Renee Cote, Tess Hartford

        Rene read the M&C report.

M&C recommends using the October 30 date to discuss the wider slate of officers and committee members for the Meeting, the meeting care coordinator position, as well as a review of our status as an unpastored meeting

               Meeting approved the recommendation

A Clearness Committee for Kim Bolshaw recommends she join the NEYM/Puente de Amigos trip to Cuba in February 2023. The clerk will draft a Letter of Introduction to share with the Clearness Committee

               Meeting approved the recommendation.

A recommendation was made for M&C to plan a Meeting-wide discussion of end-of-life issues sometime in November. A subcommittee will conduct research on this issue and share its findings with M&C, who will then oversee a discussion by the Meeting as a whole.

              The Meeting approved this recommendation.

After discussion and education about of end-of-life issues, M&C encourages development of written protocols that explain what DMM does when a member passes, as well as individuals in members’ families. There is guidance in Faith and Practice for DMM to discern its own practice, which can then be shared with families whose wishes can be integrated. A Meeting-wide conversation will ensue. NEYM has a current version of Faith and Practice available via the web.

        The Celebration of Life for Suki, planned for October 1st, 2022, was discussed.

5.     Finance — Nancy Marstaller

        The new pillars for the Lunt Cemetery are complete and beautiful, paid for the Clarkson family.

No one has stepped forward to take on the role of Treasurer. The Finance Committee recommends that we do not fill the role of Assistant Treasurer. The new bookkeeper is doing very well. Together, the Committee and bookkeeper are doing everything that needs to be done. With a new opening on the Finance Committee, Committee is looking for someone who knows Quickbooks.

              Meeting accepted the report, and approved proposals 1 through 4 as written.

6.     Trustees — Sarah Sprogell

A draft proposal fro request for use of the Meetinghouse was submitted, titled “Rental Information: Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends.” It is attached for review. If approved, Trustees propose putting the information on the website. The proposal will go out to Meeting members as an attachment to the minutes with a request for comments. This is a first reading. Having received comments, this topic will be raised again at Meeting for Business in October for a second reading.

The question arose around insurance. If the property is used as rental property, is the Meeting covered for liability purposes? Believe that it is. Trustees will check.

New Business

Draft of a memorial minute for Tom Frye will be coming to M&C next month.

7.     Correspondence report:

Correspondence received:  Friends World Committee on Consultation update on World Quaker Day, October 2

Thank you for financial support and a reminder about the Section of the Americas March 23-26 in Greensboro, NC USA

Portland Friends Meeting newsletter, Summer 2022

Programs for Worship Services from Ralph Greene of Dedham. ME

FCNL Summer Newsletter focusing on Yemen

Quarterly updates from the Gospel Tract Society

8.    Other important items of note:

How to receive the report from Yearly Meeting was discussed. Clerk will provide a written summary by end of September. Clerk will organize a worship around the points gleaned from the Yearly Meeting, as well as the report from the Yearly Meeting as a whole.

Falmouth Quarterly Meeting meeting at DF next month on October 15. We named Leslie Manning and Wendy Schlotterbeck as our representatives. Please consider attending!

Clerk noted this is a time of transition for many. Ed and Dorothy are moving, Suki Rice and Sue Wood memorial services are taking place, and Margaret Wentworth is still in the hospital. It was reported that she is doing well. When and if she comes home, her apartment will need to be examined to make sure that it works for someone with limited mobility. Margaret also needs to be asked about her own advanced directives.

9.     Meeting Closing

Clerk: “For all the gifts that we are given, especially this time together, let us close this meeting, promising to meet again on the 16th of October.” The meeting closed with a moment of silent thanksgiving.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

Materials for Durham Friends Business Meeting, October 16, 2022

The agenda, reports and other materials for the October 2022 business meeting of Durham Friends Quaker Meeting can be found here.

PROPOSED Agenda for Durham Meeting for Business, October 16, 2022

Centering Worship

Review Agenda

Minutes of Previous Meeting

Ministry and Counsel

  Letter of Introduction

  Memorial Minute


  Rental Proposal


  Lindi School Request

Peace and Social Concerns Update

New Business

   Letters requesting membership

Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, July 17, 2022

Ellen Bennett — Recording Clerk

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, July 17, 2022, with 9 people attending from the Meetinghouse and 6 by Zoom.

  1.    Meeting Opening

Meeting members were invited into worship holding Helen Clarkson and her family in the Light. Helen, a longtime and beloved meeting member, passed away July16th.                                                                                           

2.     Approval for Clerk of the Day

Rene Cote shared that Bob Eaton announced he would be stepping down immediately, as Meeting Clerk. M&C recommended that Leslie Manning serve as interim clerk for the meeting, with great appreciation.

               The recommendation was approved.

3.     Approval of Minutes from June 26 — Tess Hartford

In item # 2 of the May minutes, the request was made to delete the sentence beginning with “There followed a discussion.”

       With this correction, the minutes were approved.

New Business

4.    Clerk of the Day asked the Meeting to consider the following New Business item early in the meeting agenda due to the time availability of the requester.

Ellis Noetzel, a young and faithful attender of Meeting, would like to attend Friends Camp. Her family requests support for the cost of attending. This is the only request that the Meeting had this year and the money is available.

               Meeting approved the request.

Reports from Committees

5.     Ministry and Counsel — René Cote

Bob Eaton resigned his position as clerk effective immediately. Approval is not needed for this request. Nominating Committee is aware of the resignation, and Leslie Manning will inform Quarterly Meeting of the changes.

Katherine (Kitsie) Hildebrand requests that the Meeting accept her resignation as a member of Durham MM. M&C recommends the Meeting accept the resignation, with tremendous sadness and regret, as well as deep and abiding gratitude for her many years of service. Kitsie and her family will always be in the Meeting’s thoughts and prayers. There will be a letter from M&C to Kitsie.

       The Meeting approved her request, with sadness.

6.     Finance Committee — Sarah Sprogell

A verbal summary was given. Expenses are significantly lower than budgets due to vacant staff positions, and though weekly contributions are down, the meeting’s financial position is good. Contributions may now be sent to the Finance Committee at the Meeting’s address.

        Heidi Todd has been hired as bookkeeper. She began her work the end of June.

A family contribution has been made covering the full cost of rebuilding the stone pillars at the Lunt Cemetery. The family has historical connections to the Cemetery. In consultation with the new bookkeeper, the finance committee will determine how gifts such as these are recorded. Clerk will work with the Recording Clerk and finance committee to draft an acknowledgment of the gift.

               The Meeting accepted the Finance Committee report.

7.     Trustees Report — Sarah Sprogell

Trustees recommend that the meeting join a solar farm to reduce its electric bill, and would like approval to proceed with exploration of solar farms and eventual sign-up. Friends who are not in attendance at Meeting for Business may submit any questions or comments about joining a solar farm to Trustees, who meet the first Sunday of the month.

Knowing that Trustees will proceed with due diligence and good research, the Meeting approved Trustees request to proceed on the Meeting’s behalf.

8.     Nominating Committee — Mey Hasbrook

The committee reminds Meeting that there will be a meeting in the fall (suggested date, Oct. 30th) to discern the role of Treasurer moving forward.

       The Meeting approved the recommendation for a called meeting in October.

Committee recommends that Mey Hasbrook join the Communications Committee, term to begin in January 2023. Mey asked for early approval so that she may sit in on meetings to determine how she might best fit.

       Meeting approved the nomination.

        Clerk reminds Meeting that we are seeking an auditor for cemetery funds.

9.     Peace and Social Concerns —Ingrid Chalufour

Ingrid summarized the committee report noting particularly: DMM has a presence in the wider Durham community; letter to Brunswick Town Council has been received and is “in the queue,” and the social justice enrichment project in Pownal, Freeport, Auburn and Friends School of Portland is going very well. The meeting expressed its thanks to this diligent group. Clerk recommended that this be shared so as to appear in New England Yearly Meeting’s newsletter.

       Report is accepted with gratitude.

The Meeting was reminded that similar initiative needs to be taken with our US senators with regard to H.R. 6707: Advancing Equality for Wabanaki Nations Act. A letter on behalf of DMM, drafted by Clerk with help from Shirley Hager and Friends Committee on Maine Public Policy, will be sent to Maine senators. This measure passed the US House with bipartisan support.          

New Business

10.   It is the practice of NEYM to name representatives to their Annual Sessions, who will then report back to each monthly meeting in August or September. Clerk asked if any members would be attending. Responding were Mey Hasbrook, Sarah Sprogell (in discernment),

Portland Friends Meeting is having a special event around the Cuba Trip on July 24. Members are encouraged to attend.

In lieu of Meeting for Business in August, Members suggested a gathering on 8.21, following Meeting for Worship, for sociability and friendship. Kim and Mey and Leslie agreed to help plan the gathering.

    Meeting approved a social gathering on 8.21.

Meeting Closing

Durham Monthly Meeting will hold its next Meeting for Business on 9.18.22. Should it be necessary to conduct business before then, please contact the clerks of M&C.

Margaret Wentworth led all in prayer for closing.

Respectfully submitted, Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

Note: Special mention was made that 7.17. 22 is the second anniversary of Sukie Rice’s death. Members paused for a moment of silence in remembrance, and two members spoke personally of her importance to them.


DMM Business Meeting 22.07.17 Agenda

DMM Business Meeting Minutes 22.06.26

DMM Business Meeting Ministry and Counsel Report

DMM Business Meeting Budget

DMM Business Meeting Trustees Report

DMM Business Meeting Nominating Committee Report

DMM Business Meeting Peace and Social Concerns Report

Helen Clarkson, 1925-2022

In loving memory of wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, Helen Cornelia Clarkson (Pratt). At the age of 96, on Saturday, July 16, 2022, she passed away peacefully in her beloved home on Flying Point overlooking Casco Bay.

Helen Clakson

She was born on August 21, 1925 in Somerville, MA, the oldest child of Albert Pratt and Marion Cornelia Pratt (Dwelley). The family moved to Brunswick, ME were she graduated from Brunswick High School in 1942. She then attended Bates College in Lewiston, ME were she graduated in 1946 with a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology. Helen then continued her studies at Washington State University in 1946 where she met her husband, Vernon Albert Clarkson, on the first day of her arrival. She graduated in 1947 with a Master’s degree in sociology. Vernon and Helen were married on August 2, 1947 at the Friends Meeting House (Quaker) in Durham, ME.

They proceeded to have two sons, Bruce and Robert, and a daughter, Joyce. After teaching for one year at Freeport High School, the couple moved to Corvallis, OR. At first Helen worked as a social worker for the State of Oregon, and then when the family moved to Raleigh, N.C., she became a professor of sociology at both North Carolina State University and Meredith College, a position she held for many years. In 1975, the family moved to Rhinebeck, NY in the scenic Hudson River valley where she became the Dean of Admissions of Dutchess County Community College, a position she especially enjoyed because she was able to assist many adult female students overcome difficult personal hurdles and complete their education.

Upon retirement, Vernon and Helen returned to Maine and built a home on a cherished piece of property her parents had purchased in 1946 on Flying Point in Freeport, ME, the home she occupied thereafter in happiness and contentment. Upon retirement, Helen continued to generously donate her time and energy to many worthwhile causes, including being a valued member for seventy-five years of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and equally important to her, the Durham Friends Meeting, the Friends Women Society, the Freeport Women’s Club, and making countless quilts for ABC Quilts and Project Linus to bring a ray of kindness to disadvantage and suffering children.

Helen was predeceased by her husband Vernon, sister Katherine, and grandson Lee Vernon Clarkson. She is survived by her three children, four grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Helen had a full and wonderful life, spanning wonderous events in history, and to the very end of this chapter on Earth, was an avid reader, maintained an unforgettable sense of humor, and an unwavering love for her family and friends, past and present.

She will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. Condolences and fond memories may be shared at www.stetsonsfuneralhome.com A celebration of a life well lived will occur at noon at the Durham Friends Meeting Hall on August 2, 2022. In lieu of flowers, Helen gratefully requests a donation to Bates College for the Vernon A. and Hellen Pratt Clarkson 1946 Scholarship, mailed to Bates College, Office of College Advancement, 2 Andrews Road, Lewiston ME 04240. Arrangements are under the direction of Stetson’s Funeral Home & Cremation Care 12 Federal St., Brunswick, 725-4341.

Durham Friends Meeting Minutes, June 26, 2022

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, June 26, 2022 with 8 people present in the Meetinghouse and 7 joining in through Zoom. Bob Eaton opened the meeting with a moment of silent centering and preparation.

1) Review of Agenda — Bob Eaton

      Clerk began with a review of the agenda.. Clerk asked Tess Hartford if she would take the minutes in Ellen Bennett’s absence. Tess obliged.

Items that require approval and/or seasoning

2) Approval of Minutes of May 2022—-Ellen Bennett

      Bob Eaton asked if there were any changes, additions or corrections to be made on the May Minutes. Nancy Marstaller spoke to the report from the ad hoc committee formed to work on safety guidelines for the safe attendance of in person Meeting for Worship in the Meetinghouse, noting that her participation on said committee would no longer continue.There folljowed a discussion with other members about how to proceed when the ad hoc committee was laid down. Meeting accepted this addition with great thanks to those who worked on these guidelines along with Nancy, Ingrid Chalufour and Ann Ruthsdottir. This change was noted and the minutes approved.

3) Ministry and Counsel Committee Report—- Tess Hartford and Renee Cote

     On May 23, Monthly Meeting approved updated COVID guidelines that removed the vaccination requirement for in-person attendance. Because the COVID rates and recommendations continue to change, Ministry and Counsel will continue to put safe practices on its agenda and to monitor the situation with the COVID virus. As there was no laying down of the COVID guideline committee during that Monthly Meeting, M7C requests that the committee be laid down if its work has ended, with many thanks for all its work in this area

Ministry & Counsel continues its prayerful consideration of the issues that have arisen regarding the current and former trustees and is reviewing the ways that other Meetings have developed to address conflict resolution within the Meeting.

We happily recognize three recent graduates: Ariana Andrews, granddaughter of Tess Hartford, from Brunswick High School. Ariana will be attending Southern Maine Community College in the fall. Qat L’Angelier received a Master’s degree in Peace and Reconciliation Interdisciplinary Studies from University of Maine: and Joey Reed, son of Angie and David Reed received his Master’s degree in Economics and Environmental Science from the University of Maine. Graduates received cards.

3) Finance Committee Report—— Nancy Marstaller

   1   We have found an excellent person we want to hire as a bookkeeper. Her references were all rave reviews and she is very comfortable with our current system and ready to start. Her name isHeidi Todd and she lives in Freeport. She charges $30 per hour and anticipates that once she gets started it will take her 2-3 hours per month to do the work. Although we heard an endorsement from the last monthly meeting to hire a bookkeeper, the minutes did not reflect this so we ask for specific approval now. Approved

We also ask for approval to amend the budget to add a line for a bookkeeper under Meeting expenses with$600.00 for the remainder of the year.  Approved

   2. We recommend an additional donation of $500 to New England Yearly Meeting of Friends to support sessions this year, as they are allowing children and youth to come without charge.  This would come from our general account. Approved

If anyone is interested is interested in how we are currently sharing treasury responsibilities, please speak to one of us on Finance. Reimbursement procedures for committees and individuals have not changed. Please still used the forms provided.

Report of the Trustees for Business Meeting– –Clerk, Sarah Sprogell, members Doug Bennett and Dan Henton, custodian, Kim Bolshaw ex officio

  1. The electrical panel upgrade was completed on May 31st by LIncoln Electric. The panel was upgraded from 100 to 200 amps in order to accommodate our new heat pumps.
  2. Three heat pumps were installed on June 13 by Northeast Heat Pumps. Two are in the meeting room and one is in the basement. These are in addition to the existing hear pump in the vestry.
  3. We will likely schedule the removal of the old furnaces in late summer or early fall, to take advantage of funds currently held in a CD, that matures in September.
  4. In May the monthly meeting asked Trustees to look into recommended fees for use of the meetinghouse by non-members. Earlier handbooks have included a suggested donation of $100.00 for a one-time use of the building and/or grounds. We will continue to use this guideline for now.

         The report from Trustees was accepted.

                                    Audit for Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends

                                              Years 2020 and 2021

Looking back at these two years, it should be noted that for most of 2020 and all of 2021 the meetinghouse was not used for regular worship of for most other gatherings due to the impact of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. In spite of this unprecedented world-wide event, the meeting hired a Meeting Care Coordinator who served for much of this time, helping to facilitate speakers, provide a number of on-line gatherings and assist with other outreach projects. With the building mostly unused, meeting Trustees carried out a number of significant improvements ranging from painting the meeting room, nursery, and kitchen, removing carpeting at the entrance hallways and renewing the flooring in those areas, and repointing much of the building exterior . Perhaps most significant during this time period was the sale of the Parsonage in September 2021.

An audit of the operating records found that this information, as well as bank statements and related documentation continue to be well documented, organized and readily accessible for review. In addition to a checking account for the Meeting’s operational budget, our Treasurer also oversees and manages our capital and charity accounts. These accounts are used periodically, with the approval of the business meeting, and are documented with invoices and meeting minutes as needed. The Treasurer also oversees three investment accounts held through the New England Yearly Meeting, two of which provide quarterly distributions to the operating account. Finally, there is a locally held CD account and a savings account that the meeting has drawn upon in unique circumstances.

Our Treasurer, Katherine Hildebrandt, has worked faithfully and skillfully for many years in this role. Her knowledge and abilities in keeping our records organized and current has been an enormous gift to the meeting. She deserves our deep and heartfelt gratitude.

Respectfully submitted, Sarah Sprogell, Meeting auditor

Meeting accepted the Audit Report with gratitude

Member Concern

A member spoke to all those assembled expressing hurt and dismay regarding the alleged improper behavior of the Trustees and their decisions as an appointed and lawful instrument of the Meeting charged with the responsibility of caring for the Meetinghouse physical maintenance and improvements, upkeep of the grounds and also our cemeteries. The clerk responded with a request for silently and earnestly taking in the sentiments expressed. We acknowledge that we are in a tender period of time within our Meeting community and that healing our brokenness will not come quickly, but will require ongoing faithfulness, prayerful dialogue and open heartedness to walk alongside each other, bearing this together with God’s help and grace.

Advance Reports and other materials can be found here.

Agenda 22.06.26 DMM Business Mtg
Audit Report 22.06.26 DMM Business Mtg
Draft Minutes 22 05 22-23 DMM Business Mtg
Finance Report 22.06.26 DMM Business Mtg
Ministry and Counsel Report 22.06.26 DMM Business Mtg
Trustees Report 22.06.26 DMM Business Mtg

Durham Friends Meeting Minutes, May 22-23, 2022


Ellen Bennett — Recording Clerk

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met for the conduct of business on Sunday, May 22, 2022, with 8 people attending in the Meetinghouse.

Due to technical problems, those members waiting to attend by ZOOM were not able to attend.  Those at the Meetinghouse agreed to hold a brief meeting to hear a member’s concern and to then adjourn the meeting until Monday, May 23, at 7pm by ZOOM.

Meeting of 22 May 2022.

  1. Concern of member

Dan Henton shared a deep concern that the former trustees had been criticized of improper behavior.  He wanted the meeting to specify charges against the former Trustees.  Dan further felt that the current clerk of Trustees had exceeded her authority on several expenditures.  Dan then excused himself from Meeting.

Clerk of Trustees apologized for moving too quickly in seeking to expedite several items concerning maintenance of the existing heat pump and an issue concerning the cemetery.  Clerk of Trustees, after consultation with the Trustees and the Clerk of Meeting reversed the decision regarding the heat pump and submitted a request to the March monthly meeting.  No action has been taken, to date, on the cemetery expenditure.  Clerk of Meeting noted Trustees were now in conformance with the Meeting Handbook and thanked Dan for raising the issue and the Clerk of Trustees correcting the mistake.  Meeting was united in expression of confidence in the current and prior trustees.

       Meeting asked the clerk to draft a minute expressing the meeting’s fulsome support and trust in  the integrity and work of the prior Trustees.

Clerk pointed out that the rupture in the prior Trustees that led to two resignations had not healed.  The role of Trustees is still not fully clear.  Meeting needs to address this question directly.  It was noted that Trustees have begun the useful work of drafting a charge for Trustees that will eliminate ambiguity.  Finance Committee volunteered to help in this work.

       Meeting asked Trustees to continue its work drafting a charge for the Trustees and to report on its progress.

This Meeting is adjourned until Monday, 7pm, 23 May 2022.

Meeting of 23 May 2022.

Bob opened the meeting by Zoom with a moment of silent centering and preparation. Sixteen members joined.

  • Review of Agenda — Bob Eaton                                                                                          

Clerk began with a review of the agenda, noting the addition of the review of the minutes of the Sunday afternoon Meeting for Business at the Meetinghouse.

Items that require approval and/or seasoning

  • Approval of Minutes of April 2022 — Ellen Bennett

        The April minutes were approved as submitted with the agenda.

  • Approval of Minutes of May 22 meeting — Bob Eaton

Bob read the minutes of this first part of the Meeting for Business which took place Sunday May 22, 2022.

With one amendment for clarification concerning the use of funds, the minutes of this portion of the Meeting for Business were approved.

Pursuant to request of the Sunday session, Meeting approved the following minute:

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends reaffirms its full confidence in the integrity and competence of the prior and current Trustees of Meeting.

  • Nominating Committee Report — Linda Muller

The following individuals were brought forward by the Nominating Committee to serve in support of the Meeting:

               Meeting members approved Cush Anthony to serve on Ministry and Counsel

               Meeting members approved Dorothy Curtis to serve on the Finance Committee

               Meeting members approved Kim Bolshaw to serve on the Library Committee

               Meeting members approved Mey Hasbrook to serve as Treasurer Assistant

               Meeting members approved the description of the Assistant Treasurer.

Meeting members approved a special meeting to convene this fall to review the overall work of the Meeting Treasurer.

Meeting members approved Finance Committee actively seek a bookkeeper, assuming that all Meeting members will read these minutes and thus be aware of this opportunity.

Meeting members expressed their appreciation for the work that Nominating Committee has done.

6.     Ministry and Counsel Report — Tess Hartford and Renée Cote

Meeting members approved the transfer of membership of Mey Hasbrook from Kalamazoo Friends Meeting to Durham Friends Meeting. 

                                                                                                                                               Trustees will take up the question of remuneration for use of the Meetinghouse for weddings, etc. Wendy will send information from Portland Friends Meeting concerning rental of the Meetinghouse for comparison purposes.

7.     Covid Guidelines — Nancy Marstaller

The new recommendations remove the vaccination requirement. Clerk of the Meeting pointed out that there is no need for expediency regarding a decision. A thoughtful and clear discussion followed with people commenting on both sides of this issue. Clerk asked for a period of silent reflection. Clerk noted that regardless of the outcome, some members will be attending Meeting by Zoom.

The Meeting accepted the recommendation of the Committee to remove the vaccination requirement from the Covid Guidelines. Meeting members are appreciative of the care and work that the Committee has put into thinking through this issue.

It was noted that the use of technology in the Meetinghouse, allowing hybrid worship, will require more individuals be trained in how to use and troubleshoot tech issues so that all might participate in worship without difficulty.

Reports for information and comment

8.    Finance Committee — Nancy Marstaller

9.     Peace and Social Concerns Committee Report — Ingrid Chalufour

10.   Trustees Report — Sarah Sprogell

The above three reports were accepted by the Meeting and are attached.

11. Verbal report on Falmouth Quarterly Meeting — Wendy Schlotterbeck.

Wendy shared information about the upcoming plant sale, and the logistics of bringing and buying plants. 

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk


        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Agenda.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Draft Minutes of 22 04 24.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Report Covid Guidelines Rationale.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Report Covid Guidelines.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Report Ministry and Counsel.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Report Nominating Committee.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Report Peace and Social Concerns.docx

        DMM Business Mtg 22 05 22 Report Trustees.docx

Durham Friends Meeting Use Guidelines

Proposed May 22, 2022


Vaccinations are encouraged but not required.

If you feel even the slightest bit unwell, please stay home and join Meeting for Worship on zoom. 

Masks should be worn at all times inside the meetinghouse, such as when giving the message, announcements, or speaking during worship or other inside events. 

KN95, N95, or surgical masks are preferred. Well-fitting cloth masks are acceptable if 2 or 3 layers, especially with a filter insert or surgical mask added. Plastic shields, kerchiefs, gators, or buffs are not acceptable. 

We have a supply of masks available at the entrances to the meetinghouse.

Please maintain 6-foot distancing with people not in your family group or “pod.” We do not have any attendance cap or reservation system.


All are asked to sign in when attending meetings, adding your name, phone number and email address to a dated sheet. These will be placed outside each door to the worship room for worship. Clerks or convenors of other meetings will keep their own lists. If you come down with Covid within 3 days of attending a meeting at the meetinghouse, contact the meeting clerk, Bob Eaton, if it was after attending meeting for worship, or the clerk or convenor of any other meeting you attended.

Fellowship before and after meetings is encouraged. Masks must be kept on when inside. Feel free to unmask when outdoors. No food will be served indoors but may be served to eat outdoors.

Air purifiers are used in the worship room. Please use them for other meetings and events. You may temporarily move one from the worship room to another room that you are using for a smaller meeting. 

Turn on overhead fans when using the worship room. When weather permits, open windows in any room that you are using, including the bathroom. Keep windows open for at least 20 minutes after use, if possible, to replace air flow, but please remember to close windows when you leave.


ZOOM meetings will continue to be available.

Meetings and events should be scheduled on the Durham Friends Meeting calendar. Committee clerks can schedule meetings; others need to contact our Trustees for scheduling events. At present the trustee to contact is Sarah Sprogell. There is a link to the calendar on the Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends website. Note if it is a Zoom meeting, in person, or hybrid.

These guidelines apply to all members and attenders, as well as families or any group seeking to hold memorial services or similar events.

Please limit your visit to as few rooms as possible.

Fellowship before and after meetings is encouraged. Masks must be kept on when inside. Feel free to unmask when outdoors. No food will be served indoors but may be served to eat outdoors.

Air purifiers are used in the worship room. Please use them for other meetings and events. You may temporarily move one from the worship room to another room that you are using for a smaller meeting. 

Turn on overhead fans when using the worship room. When weather permits, open windows in any room that you are using, including the bathroom. Keep windows open for at least 20 minutes after use, if possible, to replace air flow, but please remember to close windows when you leave.


ZOOM meetings will continue to be available.

Meetings and events should be scheduled on the Durham Friends Meeting calendar. Committee clerks can schedule meetings; others need to contact our Trustees for scheduling events. At present the trustee to contact is Sarah Sprogell. There is a link to the calendar on the Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends website. Note if it is a Zoom meeting, in person, or hybrid.

These guidelines apply to all members and attenders, as well as families or any group seeking to hold memorial services or similar events.

Please limit your visit to as few rooms as possible.

Durham Friends Meeting Minutes, April 24, 2022

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met in hybrid format for the conduct of business on Sunday, April 24, 2022, with 18 people attending: 11 via Zoom and 7 in the Meetinghouse.

Bob Eaton began with meeting with a moment of silent preparation.

  1. Review of Agenda — Bob Eaton

Items that require approval or seasoning

2.     Approval of Minutes of March 2022 — Ellen Bennett

        The minutes were approved as distributed with the agenda.

3.     Nominating Committee — Linda Muller

Please refer to attached report for proposed options to assume the responsibilities of Treasurer on an interim basis. An important consideration is the importance of people assuming leadership responsibilities for our Meeting.

The recommendation was made that we move ahead with approving the proposed option for a temporary bookkeeper while continuing to search for a Treasurer. We will review this situation in six months (the end of the calendar year). 

        The recommendation was approved.

The attached report also emphasized the need for meeting members and attenders to step forward and assume responsibility for seeing to the health and functioning of the Meeting.

4.     Trustees Report — Sarah Sprogell

Please refer to the attached report for details.

The Meeting approved expenditure of funds for upgrading the electrical panel, up to $5,000, and authorizes Trustees to commit those funds.

The Meeting approved expenditure of approximately $14,000 for removal of asbestos, as well as remaining ductwork and furnaces.

5.     Ministry and Counsel — Renee Cote, Tess Hartford

Please refer to the attached report.

        The Meeting approved moving Monthly Meeting from May 15th to the 22nd.

The Meeting approved Leslie’s use of the Meetinghouse and equipment when she delivers five, half-hour Bible sessions in July.

        State of the Society Report

Please refer to the attached report. (Corrections will be made by Renee for number of New Mainers reached by our book project.)

        The Meeting approved the State of Society Report.

6.     Peace and Social Concerns — Ingrid Chalufour

Please refer to the attached report.

The Meeting approved the letter addressed to the Town Council of Brunswick on behalf of the Meeting, asking recognition of the Abenaki people through renaming 250th Anniversary Park, Pejepscot Park.

The Meeting approved use of $1,000 from charity funds to support Qat’s project “Riverside Friends JustPeace Collaborative.”

Reports for Information and Comment

7.     Finance Committee — Nancy Marstaller

Please refer to the attached first quarter financial report.

        The Meeting accepted the Finance Report with thanks.

8.     Meetinghouse Use Guidelines — Nancy Marstaller

Please refer to the attached document. The Meeting engaged in a thoughtful and diverse discussion around vaccinations, masking and testing, for access to the Meetinghouse. The Meeting did not find unity, and the topic will be a part of the agenda at May’s Monthly Meeting for Business. We recognize the challenge and are committed to continue working on it.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

Attachments: available here

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Agenda.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Draft Minutes of 22 03 20.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Report Ministry and Counsel State of Society.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Report Nominating Committee.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Entry proposal.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Report Finance 1st Quarter.xlsx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Report Ministry and Counsel Committee.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Report Peace and Social Concerns.docx

DMM Business Mtg 22 04 24 Report Trustees.docx

Materials for Durham Friends Business Meeting, April 24, 2022

Reports and other materials for the 22.4.24 Durham Friends Business Meeting can be found at this link.

AGENDA:  Durham Monthly Meeting Business Meeting, April 24, 2022

Note:  Meeting for Business will be held at the Meeting House.  Zoom will be available.

  1. Review of Agenda                                                                                                     Bob Eaton

Items that require approval and/or seasoning

  • Approval of Minutes of March 2022                                                                       Ellen Bennett
  • Nominating                                                                                                         Linda Muller
  • Trustees Report is attached                                                                                 Sarah Sprogell
  • Ministry and Counsel                                                                    Tess Hartford and Renée Cote

State of the Society Report for approval

  • Peace and Social Concerns                                                                                Ingrid Chalufour

At our March meeting we heard a request for a disbursement from the Charity Fund.  Per our guidelines this reqest is coming for a second reading.  Please refer to the P & SC report of last month for details.

Reports for information and comment

  • Finance Committee                                                                                         Nancy Marstaller

AttachmentsAvailable by clicking here

Minutes, 22.03.20

Finance Committee Report, First Quarter 2022

Committee on Ministry and Counsel Report 22.04.24

State of Society Report 2021, Draft

Nominating Committee Report, 22.04.24

Peace and Social Concerns Committee Report, 22.04.24

Trustees Report, 22.04.24

Durham Friends Meeting Minutes, March 20, 2022

        Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met virtually for the conduct of business on Sunday, March 20, 2022, with 23 people present. Sue Reilly, from Portland Friends, joined the Meeting to lend prayerful support for the discussions.

1.     Meeting Opening

Ministry and Council’s recommendation that Leslie Manning, serve as Clerk for the day for this Meeting for Business was approved.

Leslie then opened Meeting for Business with a reading from a proposed chapter for NEYM Faith and Practice, followed by a moment of silent preparation.

There were no additions or edits to the proposed agenda.

2.     Approval of Minutes of February 2022 — Ellen Bennett

The following amendments to the minutes were requested:

  • Regarding the guidelines for use of the meetinghouse, amend minutes to read it was received with gratitude, but not “accepted”.
    • Trustees report requires more specificity. “Bring a final proposal to replace the two furnaces to the meeting.” Finance Committee: 
    • Amend the minutes to read the Finance Committee “Year-End” report was submitted.

               The minutes were approved with the above changes.                                                  

Old Business

3.     Guidelines for use of Meetinghouse — Nancy Marstaller

Nancy clarified how Covid-positive test information for outside groups that use the Meetinghouse, would not be shared beyond those individual groups. Conversation ensued about levels of comfort attending Meeting with those who are unvaccinated.

It was suggested opening the Meetinghouse on 3/27/2022, requiring vaccination and masks. This would serve as a kind of experiment before revisiting the guidelines again at the April Meeting for Business.

The guidelines were accepted with the change of requiring all those attending in person be fully vaccinated. The guidelines will be reviewed at our monthly meeting in April.

              The recommendation to open the Meetinghouse on 3/27, was approved.

4.     Air Purifiers — Sarah Sprogell

To further assist in protecting Meeting attendees from Covid, the addition of air purifiers to the Meetinghouse was researched.

The Meeting approved the recommendation of Trustees to purchase 4 air purifiers with funds from the capital account to help with Covid mitigation.

5.     Trustees — Sarah Sprogell

              The Meeting approved two recommendations put forward by Trustees:

1. A new heating system using heat pumps. Please see appended Trustee Report for specifics.           

2. Replacing the current heat pump that serves the vestry. The Meeting approved this recommendation.

Reports from Committees

6.     Ministry and Council — Renee Cote, Tess Hartford

The Meeting approved the M&C recommendation that April’s Monthly Meeting be moved to 4/24.

The Meeting approved M&C’s recommendation that Gene Boynton receive reimbursement from the charity account for expenses associated with Tommy Frye’s passing. The Meeting also expressed its deep and sincere thanks to Gene Boynton for taking on this responsibility.

Concerning oversight of the use of the Meetinghouse, it was clarified that Trustees have oversight responsibility for outside groups that wish to use the Meetinghouse for gatherings, and M&C has oversight for groups that wish to use the Meetinghouse for gatherings for worship, for example memorial services.

7.     Peace and Social Concerns — Ingrid Chalufour

The Committee brought for discernment Qat Langelier’s request for funds to support her work towards a masters degree program. The request is for $1,000 from the charity account. Following procedure, the request will come for a second discernment at the April meeting.

8.     Finance Committee — Nancy Marstaller

The committee requests $4 – $8K to support the cost of up to 2 travelers from Durham Friends to Cuba in November. Funds would come from the Nellie Woodbury Fund, currently held in a CD.

The Meeting approved Finance Committee’s request for use of the funds from the Woodbury account.

New Business

9.     Resignation Received — Leslie Manning

The Meeting received Kitsie Hildebrandt’s resignation from her role as Treasurer. She will remain in this role until a replacement is found. If anyone is interested in stepping into this role, please see Linda Muller.

        The meeting is deeply, deeply grateful for Kitsie’s service as Treasurer.

10.   Request for use of Meetinghouse — Wendy Schlotterbeck.

Use of the Meetinghouse for the FQM “Emerging from Hibernation” party, scheduled for May 7, was approved.

11.   Statistical Report — Sarah Sprogell

The meeting accepted the statistical report provided to NEYM with tremendous gratitude for the work done.

12.   Nominating Committee — Linda Muller

The Nominating Committee recommended a change to those on the Library Committee, with Nancy Marstaller coming off and Margaret Wentworth joining (again!).

              The Meeting approved these changes to the Library Committee.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk


  • 22.02.20 DMM Business Meeting Draft Minutes
  • DMM Covid Guidelines—Draft
  • Air Purifier Recommendation
  • Trustees Report
  • Ministry and Council Report
  • Ministry and Council Recommendation
  • Peace and Social Concerns Report
  • Finance Committee Report
  • NEYM Statistical Report
  • Nominating Committee Report

Materials for Durham Friends Business Meeting, March 20, 2022

Reports and other materials for the 22.2.20 DFM Business Meeting can be found at this link.

Proposed Agenda for Meeting for Worship with a concern for business, March 20, 2022

Approval of clerk for the day

M and C recommendation for March 20

opening reading

Minutes from previous meeting for approval

AGENDA review

Old Business:

Reopening Meetinghouse

Trustees report and recommendation

Reports from committees:

Ministry and Counsel

Peace and Social Concerns

New Business 

Resignation received 

(Request for FQM event on 5/7?)

Statistical Report

Nominating Committee



Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, February 20, 2022

February 20, 2022

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

        Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met virtually for the conduct of business on Sunday, February 20, 2022, with 22 people present. Bob Eaton, clerk, opened Meeting for Business with a moment of silent preparation.

        Review of approving each minute as it arises and is recorded by Recording Clerk. Narrative may be reviewed and commented on.

1.     Agenda Review — Bob Eaton

No comments or additions

Items that require approval and/or seasoning

2.     Approval of Minutes of January 2022 — Ellen Bennett

            Minutes of the January meeting were approved as distributed with the agenda..

3.     Nominations Committee — Linda Muller

Linda reviewed both the Nominating Committee Annual Report and Monthly Report.

            Doug Bennett was approved as a Meeting Trustee.

Mey Hasbrook was welcomed as a member of the Nominating Committee

The Committee Annual Report should read that consultation took place with Christian Ed members.

            The meeting accepted both reports, with gratitude.

4.     Velasco Portland Durham Sister Committee Report — Nancy Marstaller

The sister committee is a joint group of Durham and Portland Meetings.  Nancy read the proposal for a group to attend a birthday celebration for Cuba Yearly Meeting and Velasco Meeting.

The Meeting whole-heartedly endorsed the proposal to support the travel of up to eight people from Portand Friends and Durham Friends to Cuba and Velasco Friends.

5.     Meeting at the Meeting House Guidelines — Nancy Marstaller

A small working group drafted guidelines to be used when a decision is made to meet again in our meeting house.  The working group welcomes input from Meeting.

It was recommended the following changes and amendments be made to the guidelines:

  • The Clerk should be informed if anyone tests positive for Covid to share information with the Meeting, e.g., through a Friends Note.
  • Delete contact tracing and replace with “information sharing”.
  • It was agreed that vaccination should be a condition of attending meeting, but vaccination cards will not be required for proof. Unvaccinated people are encouraged to join Meeting by Zoom.

Vibrant discussion. New thoughts were shared for the committee to consider, and the Meeting expressed its great appreciation of the Committee’s work.

    The report was received with gratitude with the suggested modifications.

Reports for information and comment

7.     Trustees Report — Sarah Sprogell

Trustees invite Meeting comment and will keep Meeting updated on developments as they work to bring a final proposal to replace the two furnaces to the Meeting.

Sarah introduced this report by clarifying the purpose. The purpose is to listen to the Meeting as we continue our way forward. Information not in the report includes a recent visit from a chimney expert who said that the chimney could accommodate the commercial furnace. A building expert visited the Meeting House and said that heat pumps would work. 

We do have space for additional solar panels that could help with powering heat pumps. The electricity to power the heat pumps, if not from the solar panels, may come from fossil fuels.

Meeting expressed tremendous gratitude for the care and attention paid to these many issues, and looks forward to further developments from the Trustees.

8.     Ministry and Counsel — Tess Hartford and Renee Coté

Tess read a summary of the MCC position, lessons learned, etc. The issue of discomfort around the MCC report and summary was raised.

The Meeting needs to think about contracted services for the future: MCC, IT person, Youth Minister and Outreach, Pastoral Care.

With the understanding that the Clerks group is not a standing committee, it may begin discussion about the MCC position to help discern next steps. 

        Appreciation was expressed to M&C for their work and report.

8.     Finance Committee — Nancy Marstaller

        The Finance Committee Year-End report was accepted with gratitude, in light of this challenging year.

9.     Communications — Doug Bennett for Liana Thompson-Knight 

Communications Committee is committed to making sure that everyone who wants to receive print copies of the newsletter will do so. At a future meeting, it was recommended that 15 minutes be spent demonstrating how to navigate the website to help access the newsletter and other Meeting materials.

10.   Clerks Report — Bob Eaton

Clerk was pleased to write a letter of introduction to Friends’ Meetings within New England Yearly Meeting for Mey Hasbrook. Mey will be traveling to Meetings within Yearly Meeting in the coming months.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk

Attachments for DMM 22.02.20:

  • Agenda
  • Draft Minutes of 22.01.16
  • Communications Committee Report
  • Finance Year End Report
  • Finance Spread Sheet
  • In-Person Meeting Guidelines
  • Ministry and Council Committee Report
  • Nominating Committee Report
  • Trustees Report
  • Velasco Sister Meeting Report
  • Clerk’s letter of introduction for Mey Hasbrook


Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, January 16, 2022

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends met virtually for the conduct of business on Sunday, January 16, 2022, with 23 people present. Bob Eaton, clerk, opened Meeting for Business with a moment of silent preparation.

1. Review of Agenda. No comments or additions.

2. Peace and Social Concerns.  Ingrid Chalufour, Clerk of committee presented a report, which is attached to these minutes. The committee asked approval to spend up to $200 from charity account to purchase kitchen trash bins for the Afghan resettlement program.

The meeting approved $200 to support the Afghan families as they resettle in the area. The meeting approved consideration of an additional $300 for the purchase of books for Afghan children. Peace and Social concerns will return with a more detailed proposal after consulting with the Finance Committee. Those wishing to contribute to this program, either financially or with supplies, may do so through Cindy Wood.

3. Approval of December 2021 minutes. Dorothy Hinshaw, Recording Clerk, presented the draft minutes. The meeting approved the minutes with the following two additions. In the first paragraph, the quote Bob opened with should read: “Gentle and giving, the rest is nonsense and treason” To minute 7 should be added: “The Clerks of Communication and Peace and Social Concerns will organize this meeting.” It was noted that two corrections needed to be made to the Woman’s Society report in the newsletter. Corrections will be noted and put in the next newsletter.

4. Approval of January 2022 Special Meeting. Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk, presented the draft minutes. The meeting approved the minutes with the following amendment: The estimates for a new heating system included one for a single-zone system and one for a two-zone system, NOT a three-zone system

5. Nominations Committee. Linda Muller presented a report which is attached to these minutes. The meeting approved Sarah Sprogell to join Trustees. The meeting will consider names of those who would be approached to serve as a third member of the nominating committee. These will be reviewed at Monthly Meeting for Business in February.

6. Finance Committee. Nancy Marstaller presented a report which is attached to these minutes. The budget was reviewed, and recommendations were sought for allocating funds for FWCC.

The meeting approved the budget with the amendment of $200 for FWCC, with thanks to the Finance Committee for their work.

7. Cemetery Fund Audit Report. Sarah Sprogell, Meeting Auditor, present a report which is attached to these minutes. The time and attention paid by others to keep these records clear and up-to-date was noted and those who provided oversight for this work were commended. The work that Sarah put into auditing these funds was also commended. The meeting handbook requires an annual audit of the cemetery fund. A recommendation was made to make the audit biannually. The Finance Committee was asked to present recommendations at the next Monthly Meeting for the frequency of audits for both Trustees’ (incl. Cemetery) and Meeting funds. The Meeting recognized that it will need to find a new auditor, particularly for the Cemetery funds. This question will be considered in February. It was noted that it is not uncommon for someone from the Finance Committee to serve as auditor.

The meeting accepted the review of the Cemetery funds.

8. Ministry and Counsel. Renee Cote and Tess Hartford, Co-Clerks, presented a report which is attached to these minutes. A report on the Meeting Care Coordinator was not distributed before Monthly Meeting. Clerk will disseminate this report within the week. The Meeting is encouraged to read the document in its entirety, with any questions to be directed to Leslie, Wendy, or Martha before February’s Monthly Meeting. The MCC oversight committee will consult with Ministry and Council before the February meeting to think about how best to present the report.

The meeting accepted the report of M&C and expressed its thanks for their work.

9. Report on Cuba. Nancy Marstaller, member of the Portland/Durham/Velasco Sister Meetings Committee, gave an oral report. A delegation of 3 friends from New England are hoping to go to Cuba the end of February. They will be taking supplies — medicines and face masks, for example — having received a list from Cuba for needed items. If people want to contribute to this, contact Nancy for details. One of the books for new Mainers, prayer flags, cards of greeting, and photographs are also being gathered to send to our sister Meeting in Velasco. If people are interested in contributing items or financial support, send these to Nancy by the beginning of February. Contact her for more information.

In addition, on Sunday, February 13th, Portland Friends Meeting is including a Godly Play story in both English and Spanish during Meeting for worship, which will be recorded to send to Cuba as well. Durham Friends are invited to join Portland for worship that day. A link to their worship will be provided. Lastly, a delegation hopes to be able to go to Cuba in November. If anyone is interested in going, they will need to start the clearness process. The meeting thanked Nancy for her report.

10. Trustees’ Report. Sarah Sprogell read the Trustees’ report. It was noted that the Trustees’ three-year report could serve as a model for annual reports from all committees. Those gathered expressed tremendous appreciation for all of the work the Trustees have engaged in over the past three years. The meeting accepted the three-year report of Trustees with tremendous gratitude. A discussion ensued about Trustees’ overall authority and responsibilities with respect to Meeting business. It was noted that past minutes could be reviewed to help the Meeting discern the process through which the Trustees were formed. A small group is planning to look at the process of archiving important documents, which may shed light on the formation of Trustees. It was noted that the Maine Historical Society has copies of all of our bound meeting minutes. Fun to look! The meeting supported the suggestion that the issues brought up in the discussion about the role and responsibilities of Trustees be seasoned by the Communications Committee and brought back to the Meeting to discuss ways to proceed.

Respectfully submitted, Ellen Bennett, Recording Clerk


DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Agenda

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Draft Minutes 22.1.09

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Draft Minutes of 21 12 19

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Audit of Cemetery Funds

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Report Ministry and Council

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Report Nominating Committee

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Report Peace and Social Concerns

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Report Trustees

DMM Business Mtg 22 01 16 Report Finance