Agenda and Materials for Meeting for Business, October 15, 2023

The agenda and materials for this Business Meeting can be found here.

Proposed Agenda for Meeting for Business, October 15, 2023  

Opening Reading

Minutes of September meeting

Review Agenda

Finance Committee

Request for transfer of Funds by Trustees (2nd reading)

Ministry and Counsel 

Zoom free worship 4th and 5th Sundays*                                                                 

Report on Emergency Funds disbursement of $1,000 

Trustees Update

Peace and Social Concerns Update

Closing Worship

*Clerk’s Note: 

Ministry and Counsel has recommended that the Meetings for Worship on fourth and fifth Sundays of the month be held in the meetinghouse only, with no technology assistance.  This is based on feedback from several Friends, including members of the Tech Support group, and was brought to Meeting for Business last month.

It will be reviewed again this coming Sunday, since no one was on Zoom for the September meeting, and we would like to hear from those who regularly use Zoom.  If approved, we will be happy to provide information about other meetings who use Zoom or hybrid worship who welcome visitors.

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