Reminder: Let’s Get Creative!

By Jo-an Jacobus
The September issue of “The Best of Friends” will carry representations of what our community is doing
creatively. But that will happen only if you choose to share what you are doing. We would like to see what it is
that gives your heart its delight — if you would be willing to share that with us. Don’t hide your gifts under a
bushel; bring them into the light for all to see.
The nuts and bolts: It can be anything “flat” or a photo of something “not flat” (remember Glenice’s sweater
and Curt’s new family). Poetry, short prose, music lyrics, drawings, paintings, photos, photos of sculptures, of
a dance performance, of … If you think of something we haven’t, check it out with us, Jim McCarthy, Daphne
Clement, Jo-an Jacobus. We’ll let you know if we can make it fit onto a piece of paper.
If you need help with having something scanned, get in touch with Jo-an. It must be a flat object no larger
than 8.5 x 11 inches. For written material it would be helpful if it was in some version of Word. If that is not
possible, please email me and let’s see what the options are. We will find a way! Images need to be in .jpg
format, high resolution is helpful.
Please note, the deadline is earlier for the creative submissions than for standard news submissions.
Creative works must be submitted to Jo-an by Wednesday, Aug. 1, at 5 p.m. at
We would love to see your creative side. Please share with us.

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