Velasco Friend Meeting Report, March-April 2021

March/April 2021

News about Our Sister Meeting in Velasco, Cuba, and all Cuban Friends Meetings – from Nancy Marstaller

The Puente des Amigos Committee of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends recently sent this information regarding Velasco and all Cuban Friends Churches:

Cuba Yearly Meeting (CYM) has asked for our prayers and support as they struggle to find funds to pay their pastors and church workers a government mandated five fold salary increase. CYM supports 12 pastoral workers and 3 retired pastors.  We cannot corporately send funds to Cuba or funds which support salary costs without violating US treasury regulations, but individuals can make donations.  

The Cuban Quakers also have a long history of sharing resources, medical supplies, filtered water and other necessities with their neighbors.  During the pandemic, the need has been greater and the Meetings are struggling to continue to support their communities.

Marcos Longoria, clerk of Miami Friends Church and son of Ramon Longoria – long time secretary and clerk of CYM who died this past summer- is collecting funds from individuals to support pastors and to help pay for personal hygiene supplies for CYM. Donations may be sent to:

Marcos Longoria, Clerk, Miami Friends Church// 330 SW 79 Ct., Miami FL  33144

Checks should be made out to the Miami Friends Church with a note in the memo line indicating “pastors fund” or “personal hygiene”. 

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. If you have questions, please speak to Nancy Marstaller

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