Legislative Alert from Peace & Social Concerns — April 28, 2023

This would be a good time to let your legislators know of your interest in the well-being of the Wabanaki. There are a number of bills that are of potential benefit to the Tribes, we will highlight three of them here. We are also providing a link to the Wabanaki Alliance Legislative Tracker. There you can find further information about each bill and access to contact information for your legislators.

LD 1642: An Act to Strengthen the Teaching of Wabanaki Studies in Maine Schools

The previous bill from 2001 was an unfunded mandate to teach Wabanaki history and culture in Maine schools. This bill will establish a Wabanaki Studies Commission and provide permanent funding for resources, materials, and continuing education for teachers.

LD 78: RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to Article X of the Constitution of Maine Regarding the Publication of Maine Indian Treaty Obligations

This bill restores language regarding Maine Indian Treaty obligations to all printed copies of the Maine Constitution. The legislature is going to vote on this bill soon so now is the time to let your representatives know of your support.

LD 1115: An Act Regarding Economic Development Funds for Federally Recognized Indian Tribes

This bill would require the Department of Economic and Community Development to allocate 10% of the available economic development funds in the Community Development Block Grant Program to Tribes in Maine.

NOTE: There is one bill that the Alliance opposes. LD 336. You can see their reasoning on the website.

Here is the link: https://wabanakialliance.com/131st-bill-tracker/

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