News from Velasco Friends Meeting — and a Suggestion for World Quaker Day

News from our sister meeting in Velasco from the sister meeting committee, August 2023

Yadira Cruz Pena, the pastor of Velasco Meeting was one of the representatives from Cuba Yearly Meeting (CYM) to New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) last week.  She shared this photo of Velasco Friends meeting outside this week in a service blessing a member’s home.  I sent her a photo of Portland Friends meeting outside at the Friends School. We agreed that in nature, God’s presence can be easily felt.

She also shared this photo of her oldest daughter holding the “Church’s baby”.

We have begun planning how Velasco, Durham and Portland can have a joint or concurrent event on World Quaker Day on the first Sunday in October. We cannot be in person and probably cannot be on zoom together, but with creativity, we can feel each other’s presence.

We are sending some spices and the photo album we shared with Durham and Portland to Yadira with a delegation traveling from New England to Cuba in September. 

CYM and NEYM are beginning to explore ways that the two yearly meetings can be more closely connected even in these difficult times.

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