Sunday Worship Via ZOOM. Details below.

Outtakes from morning worship at Pendle Hill

We have a viral illness / We have a social illness / love is the healing of them both.

If disease can spread person to person worldwide, so can love.

“What If the Virus Is Medicine?” by Craig Freshley

This Sunday we will have worship via Zoom, a video conferencing platform.  So long as the threat of Coronavirus is among us, we believe we must use this format for worship, for the wellbeing of our families and communities.  Worship will start at 10:30 with an opening prayer or reading and the message will be given out of waiting worship.  Open worship will follow the message.  Near the end of the hour we will have sharing of joys and concerns and announcements.  Worship will then end with a prayer.  Hymns will be included in worship when there is someone to play the piano.  

While the Meetinghouse will be technically closed and we encourage people to stay at home, in reality the building is always open for prayer. We can not keep people away who need to be in the building.  But we do ask that we continue to follow CDC guidelines.  

Click here for connection details.

Click here for more guidance on how to connect to Zoom.  (Our thanks to Craig Freshley for this and much more.)

As with all new ventures we will be adapting and adjusting as we proceed. It is our hope that this format will allow for more people to be a part of our worshiping community.  It is our hope that we can come together to support, encourage and walk with each other in this time of challenge and unknowingness.   

May the spirit of love and peace be our guide. 

From Members of Ministry and Counsel: Martha Hinshaw Sheldon, clerk, Tess Hartford, Joyce Gibson, Wendy Schlotterbeck, Doug Bennett, Brown Lethem, Renee Cote, Sukie Rice