Meeting for worship – Sundays at 10:25am – We welcome all

Welcome. You have found the official online presence of the Durham Friends Meeting in Durham, Maine.
This website is our way of inviting you to join us.

Durham Friends Meeting is a welcoming faith based community deeply rooted in the principles of the Religious Society of Friends, the Quakers. As Friends we seek to answer “that of God in everyone.” We seek to create and support communities where Friends’ testimonies of peace, equality, simplicity, integrity and community can flourish. It is our hope and responsibility to create a world of social, economic, racial and gender justice.

Our meeting is semi-programmed; we have a message and part of our Sunday Meeting is planned, programmed.  We have a period of hymns, a youth story, a call for prayers.  Throughout there is also quiet, waiting worship.  We recognize that all people who seek it have access to divine wisdom, the inward teacher, the Light of Christ.  Ministry comes from within during worship and any who are prayerfully led may speak.

Our worship is open to all.


Friends meet together and know one another in that which is eternal, which was before the world was.
George Fox: “Epistle 149” (1657)