Copier Paper Storage and Copier Functioning

By Jo-an Jacobus
I’m sure you’ve heard it before: “Be sure to take the copier paper you didn’t use out of the machine and put it in the ream wrapper in the case box and close the box.”
Annoying process isn’t it? And slow, when you are in a hurry. I mean, what can it really hurt? It worked fine without any hassles. What’s the big deal?
For whatever reason, the copier is very sensitive to the moisture level in the paper, even though we buy paper that is for use with machines that have paper-jamming difficulties. If the lid of the case box is not all the way down, if the ream wrap has been ripped off so it can’t be wrapped around again, even if those things happen at the beginning of a ream, it may be enough to jam the copier.
Then you could be the person on the other end of that conversation, “Who left the paper in the machine? It has jammed 6 (12, ___ ) times! I can’t get it to run through! I need this for Monthly Meeting ( ______ Committee), now!”
The meeting needs for all of us who use the copier to slow down and treat the paper the way it needs to be treated to keep the copier running smoothly. The copier repair person comes as needed to set it to rights again but often the paper is the issue. For us to find that out costs a minimum of $40. We can each do our part by being kind to the copier and in using less paper that will go straight into the recycle bin.
New, and hopefully easier and more effective, ways of storing the paper are being set up and will be in place before long. Until then, please take the paper out of the copier, put it back in the box and put the lid firmly on the box.