Clean Elections and Civil Discourse

Information from Leslie Manning
Leslie sent an email recently stuffed with information about what was happening with the Maine Council of
Churches. I couldn’t possibly fit it all in, even this month, but I chose three pieces that relate to the election
cycle that are important and current. The rest of this is directly from Leslie’s email.
We are happy to share via video, MCC’s Covenant for Civil Discourse, starring our wonderful Board
members. Please view, share and encourage others to do their part to keep disagreements
The first piece on our Covenant for Civil Discourse was written by our Executive Director, Rev. Jill
Saxby. This piece was published in the April 19 Bangor Daily News:

Covenant for civil discourse

Next, our Public Policy Committee member Karen Hessel wrote a piece in support of Clean
Elections. Karen’s letter was published by the Sun-Journal on April 29: