Durham Monthly Meeting Minutes, January 17, 2016

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends, January 17, 2016

Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends convened in worship on Sunday, January 17, 2016 with eleven people present. Because Clerk Sarah Sprogell was not available, Nancy Marstaller clerked the meeting. Nancy read queries from the section on Personal Spiritual Condition from the Interim Faith and Practice of New England Yearly Meeting..

  1. Clarabel Marstaller brought the report from Ministry and Counsel.

a) They recommend that Cynthia Muench become a member of Durham Friends Meeting, transferring her membership from Acton Friends Meeting in Massachusetts.

b) The State of Society Report (attached) was read and approved with gratitude. It is beautifully written, and shows what a vibrant meeting we are.

2. The Meeting approved Cynthia Muench’s request for transfer of her membership into Durham Meeting from Acton Friends.

3. Douglas Gwyn brought the pastor’s report.

The Gospel of John study at the Adult Sunday Study group is continuing well, with the addition of personal journey stories occurring on fourth Sundays.

4. Jo-an Jacobus brought the Nominating Committee report.

The meeting approved continuing the appointments for a second term for Margaret Wentworth (Trustees); Susan Rice (Finance); Jo-an Jacobus and Angie Reed (Library). Newly coming onto committees are Jo-an Jacobus and Kristna Evans (Website). It was agreed that there would be further conversation regarding Special Events.

5. Christian Education will bring the children’s story in February.

6. A request was brought from Woman’s Society to have a book sharing/purchasing table for recycling good, meaningful books.   Any donations that are given for books would go for the library funds. This was approved.

7. The Trustees Annual Report (attached) was brought by Margaret Wentworth.   It was a busy and exciting year for the trustees. In addition to routine maintenance and decisions, there were many projects large and small. The report was approved with great appreciation and admiration for all that Trustees did this year.

8. Doug Gwyn was appointed as our representative to Falmouth Quarterly Meeting on January 23 in Portland.

9. The minutes of Monthly Meeting were approved during the meeting.

The meeting adjourned in the Spirit at 1:10.

 Sukie Rice, Recording Clerk

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