What’s Happening on Easter at Durham Friends Meeting?

March 28, 2018

Do Quakers celebrate Easter?  In the past, not so much. For early Quakers, “the church holidays were seen as pagan festivals with a superficial Christian overlay.”  And today?

These days Easter is largely celebrated by Friends standing up on Sunday to break the silence of worship with nostalgic stories of Easters in their pre-Quaker youth. Sometimes they’ll admit to having attended a Easter service at another church before coming to meeting that morning. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get ministry about flowers or hats.

So says Martin Kelley in The Quaker Daily, a new source keeping us informed about what’s happening among Quakers.  Is that a fair assessment of what will happen at Durham Friends this coming Sunday?  Come find out.  Here’s what’s happening:

8:30:  Easter Breakfast.  All welcome.

10:25  Meeting for Worship.  An Easter choir will sing, we’ll have a children’s program,               and Doug Bennett will bring the message.  (Spoiler alert: not about flowers or hats.)

11:40  Refreshments after Meeting.  Always tasty.

12:30  Memorial Service for Eileen Babcock