FCNL Seeks Input on Legislative Priorities, February 23, 2022, 7pm

Friends Committee on National Legislation wants to hear from the members and attenders of Friends Meetings all around the country as they set their priorities for the coming year.  They are asking what we believe should be emphasized in their work this year. Our answer to that question will then be combined with the views expressed by the members of other meetings.

What do you believe should be given priority by FCNL this year? Peace and Social Concerns Committee will gather the views of our membership and will transmit them to FCNL in Washington. The Committee has called a special meeting for this purpose, to take place online on Wednesday, February 23, starting at 7:00 p.m.

Please join us as we discuss these matters. If you are unable to participate then but wish your views to be considered, please share them with Cush Anthony or another member of that Committee.

FCNL’s areas of activity normally include such things as:

  • Promote peacebuilding and the prevention of war
  • Promote nuclear disarmament
  • Seek a reduce arms sales abroad
  • Work for a fair and equitable justice system
  • Advocate for fair treatment of American Indians
  • Support equal access to elections for all
  • End gun violence
  • Establish fair national economic policies
  • Meet the basic human needs of all people
  • Address the climate crisis
  • Strengthen environmental protection laws

If you plan participate by coming to the meeting on February 23, or if you are unable to come but desire to have your ideas considered at that meeting, please contact Cush at cush@maine.rr.com and he will send you the details.