Rental Information (as of 2022)

We offer the meetinghouse for use by others as a form of outreach.

Suggested Rental Fees, Durham Friends Meetinghouse

Half Day        $100

Full Day         $200

Use of Kitchen          Additional $100

The Meetinghouse is available for Meeting-sponsored activities at no charge. It is also available at no charge for use by Falmouth Quarterly Meeting, by New England Yearly Meeting or by other Quaker organizations.

The Meetinghouse will be available for rent to individuals, other groups and organizations with similar values or concerns as Friends.  For these, we use a pay-as-led approach.

Pay- as-led is a way of acknowledging that wealth is not distributed fairly, and that Durham Friends want the building to be available for community use. Pay-as-led means that you reflect on and discern what amount you are led to pay for use of the space. We ask that you consider your financial resources and the value you believe use of the space brings to you. Based on this personal reflection, we invite you to pay as you are led, and to make a donation that feels appropriate to you and helps cover the cost of your use of the building.

To ask to schedule the Meetinghouse, contact

Sarah Sprogell,, 207 319-5077 or

Kim Bolshaw,, 207 808-3007

Overview of Facilities.  The Durham Friends Meetinghouse includes:

  • A worship room, with a capacity for seating about 200 people.  It has benches arranged in a square.  We ask that these not be moved without permission.  There is also a piano in the worship room.
  • A social room with a capacity of about 100 people (standing) or 100 people seated at (8) tables.
  • A kitchen adjacent to the social room.
  • Two small rooms off the social room, one with a capacity of about 12, and one of about 6.
  • Two parking lots that can hold a total of 40 to 50 cars.
  • A grassy yard appropriate for outdoor gatherings or picnics and that has some play facilities for young children.

The Meetinghouse is not appropriate for overnight accommodation.


We hope you will enjoy the use of our Meetinghouse.  We ask that you respect it as our place of worship by observing the following:

  • We will unlock the door before you arrive; please be sure it is locked when you leave
  • Please leave everything in the same condition you found it.  A vacuum cleaner, a mop and bucket can be found in the hall closet; cleaning supplies are in the kitchen. 
  • Please, no smoking, alcohol or drugs on the premises.
  • Food or drinks only in the social room and in the kitchen, or outdoors, not in the worship room.
  • No tacks or scotch tape on walls, doors or woodwork.  Masking tape only on painted woodwork, please.
  • Please do not use classroom or nursery supplies, or any foodstuffs in the kitchen.
  • Please use the telephone for emergency calls only.
  • Heating instructions are posted near the thermostat.
  • Please let us know of things are not working properly. Questions can be directed to our custodian, Kim Bolshaw, 207 808-3007. 
  • There is no storage space for equipment you may bring for your program. Please take any equipment or supplies with you when you depart. 

Please use the following check list when leaving:

  • Put window shades down in the Meeting Room.
  • Turn off stove burners, oven, and fans, and unplug and clean coffee makers, if you used them.
  • Be sure faucets are turned off, and no toilets are running.  Please leave toilet lids down. 
  • Leave open all interior doors. 
  • Collect and take your trash with you.
  • Turn out all lights. 
  • Lock front and rear doors, and check handles to be sure exterior doors are locked.

After your event has concluded, please call our custodian, Kim Bolshaw, 207 808-3007.