A Newsletter Delivery Request

Jo-an Jacobus

At this time about one half of Durham Friends’ newsletters delivered go in hard copy, on paper, the rest via email.  The impact on the meeting of sending out so many hard copies is more significant.  Over the year, it is a major cost in paper, copier wear and tear, and postage.  In this time of increasingly significant financial shortfalls this is something meeting has asked all members to address in as many ways as they are able.

With these things in mind, the newsletter committee asks that anyone who has email but has been receiving the newsletter in hard copy consider switching to email.  If you decide you’d like to help the meeting in this way, please drop us a note at the return address on the newsletter, call 207.666.3213 or email jacobusj@gwi.net to let us know you’d like to switch.  The meeting would appreciate your help.