From our Pastor, Daphne Clement

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.”

John 1:9

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business.  Instead I call you friends, for everything that I learn from my Father I make known to you.”

John 15:15

It’s Easter!  The Eternal Christ is revealed anew!  It is not only the mystics and poets who share in this… we all do.  The word ‘eternal’ has more than one meaning: it means both the Light of God that has been with us since the 1st day of creation and ‘eternal’ means a single moment in time that has particular quality … it is a Presence full, Light filled moment.  George Fox & John Woolman share such moments often in their Journals, as do Whittier, Wordsworth and Elizabeth Vining in their poetry.

Light filled eternal moments are available to us all; but sometimes I think that the mystics and poets describe them too well.  So well that when we ordinary folks experience these sweet and simple moments, the heart lifted Light filled moments, we tend to discount them.  Somehow our own moments don’t quite measure up.  Most of us when asked: “So when was your last experience of the Eternal?” … will shake our heads doubtfully … and wonder … wonder if we are valuable enough …

But Easter is here … and though we may have only fleeting glimpses of the resurrection … the Eternal Christ Light within … the love of Jesus that is alive and always with us. When we honor these ‘eternal’ moments and understand them to be our spiritual sustenance .… our ‘soul food’ .… gifts of God … blessings … we will begin to notice them more and more often.

So, let our prayer this season be for that other kind of wonder … a prayer of noticing … Let us gaze, oh God, upon all your creation with wonder … seeing everywhere your Eternal Presence.

Thus, our relationships – with God and with each other – will deepen and grow.  Eternal Presence filled moments awaken us intuitively and emotionally to God and to each other.  They resurrect us.  So, look for and notice with wonder your glimpses (no matter how humble) … for it is by their Light that we are refreshed and made whole.

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