Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends

October 20, 2013
Durham Monthly Meeting of Friends convened in worship on Sunday, Oct. 20, 2013, at 12:20 p.m. with 14 people present. Clerk Susan Wood read “Living Fellowship Needs Fresh Forms” by Anna Thomas and E.B. Emmet from the Meeting as a Caring Community section of the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends Faith and Practice (page 121).
1.) Wendy Schlotterbeck gave the Youth Pastor Report. Durham Young Friends gatherings have begun for the new school year. They meet on the third Friday night of each month, and started it off with a campfire and harvest party. Almost all the young people in the group will be going to the NEYM Youth Retreat in November in Portland.
2.) Susan Rice brought the Finance Report for September. It was noted that there was a transfer of $6000 from the Bernice Douglas Fund to the General Fund, as approved by Monthly Meeting to keep us from overdrawing the account. There was also a transfer of $1,750 from the Student Loan Fund into the General Fund, as approved by Monthly Meeting. Income for September was $4,319 and expenses were $4,838. The end of the month balance for September was $3,009.
a.) Finance Committee will bring a draft budget for 2014 to the November Monthly Meeting. It was requested that all committees let members of Finance Committee know their needs for 2014.
b.) We plan to review our expenditures for all paid ministry to discern what we believe we can afford in 2014.
3.) It was confirmed that the Meeting will pay all our budgeted obligations for 2013.
4.) It was approved that we spend up to $190 to print and distribute the annual appeal. This is in addition to the current budget.
5.) Nancy Marstaller reported for Ministry and Counsel.
a.) A welcoming letter has been written to send to visitors with a lovely drawing of the Meetinghouse created by Ketura (Ketty) Stinson.
b.) The Maine Council of Churches is encouraging all churches to hold prayer meetings for civility in public discourse on Nov. 1 at 7 p.m., a few days before the election. It was approved that we hold one here at the Meetinghouse at that time.
6.) Margaret Wentworth reported for Trustees.
a.) Trustees recommend that Jeff Goodman and his wife Christie be invited to come to live at the parsonage during an interim period. They would pay for electricity, heat and propane, including the current pellet bill. They would be asked to make a contribution to the meeting of a minimum of $100 a month.
b.) The septic system needs to be pumped. This will be a capital expense.
c.) The water has been tested for drinking at both the parsonage and the Meetinghouse (through the filters). Although the water is safe to drink in both places, there are many tiny black flecks in the water at the parsonage. It was recommended that Trustees ask Eric Oransky to evaluate this problem.
7.) It was approved that Jeff and Christie Goodman be invited to live in the parsonage as recommended.
8.) It was approved that the septic system be pumped.
9.) It was approved that the Treasurer be authorized to pay the water test bill from the Capital Account.
10.) It was reported that the Sept. 26 Pig Roast Harvest Dinner netted $740 for the LACO Food Pantry.
11.) A Search Committee for a new pastor of up to six people needs to be created. Possible names were suggested and those people will be asked by our clerks.
12.) Quarterly Meeting will be held Saturday, Oct. 26, at Windham Meeting. Representatives will be Margaret Wentworth, Daphne Clement and Clarabel Marstaller.
13.) It was approved that there be an opportunity for contributions to be made in November for the Kickapoo Friends Indian Center in McCloud, Oklahoma.
14. The minutes of Monthly Meeting were approved during the meeting.
The meeting adjourned in the Spirit at 2:10 p.m.
— Susan Rice, Recording Clerk

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